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My wife bought my iPhone for Christmas - Amazing present, but I'm sad to say there seems to be a problem or two. I had some unusual restarts happening after the phone hadn't been used for a while - maybe 1 hour or sometimes in the mornings - but today it was restarting while I was syncing it with iTunes on it's dock - about 3 restarts occurred before it settled again.
By restart I mean - the screen turns off suddenly with a brief line appearing horizontally on the screen - then the apple logo appears and it boots up - this has happened upto 4 times in a row before settling down.
I have also had issues with WIFI not being accessible at various times of the day - this has been resolved to some degree by following many many tips from forums including this one. When i wake up in the morning I check to see if WIFI is available - normally the EDGE logo is showing. So I have done the following to solve this

1. Early days - reset the iPhone using the top button and home button together.
this sometimes allowed me to access WIFI again
2. Updated firmware on my router - this made no difference
3. Changed the SSID to something unique and set to hidden ssid - this didn't help.
4. Set up WEP 128 encryption with an ASCII key - this hasn't helped
5. Cleared all my network settings - this didn't help
6. Last resort - restored my iPhone - this didn't help either of my issues (restarts or WIFI)
7. Also tried the airplane setting - this sometimes helps.

So basically my iphone is great - except it turns itself off unexpectedly, doesn't like using WIFI, and doesn't do telephone calls very well (signal drops) through O2. I want my iphone to work - do I need to return it to Apple to solve my restarts - or will this be resolved with the imminent firmware upgrade?

Oh - I've been buying Macs since my first SE30 - a long time ago - but this is my first iPod/iPhone - be gentle

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    I've had my iPhone for about a month and absolutely love it. I'll make this short, If "Santa Clause" purchased it through a local AT&T store take it back for an exchange. If you have a laptop that has no problem accessing your router then it's not your router. I've used my iPhone on two routers, my old Netgear (about 5 years old) and my new one that "Santa" brought me this X-mas. Absolutely no issues accessing my network. If "Santa" purchased the iPhone through Apple then you should contact them immediately. You should be enjoying your new iPhone at this point not trying to figure out why it's not working.
    Good luck and Happy New Year! pcross
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    thanks, I'll look into returning it today. Do apple give a replacement to use? There are no apple stores in Ireland.
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    I´m having the same problem with my iphone!
    Exactly the same thing and, by what you´ve said, i probably bought it in the same period of december!
    What did you do to solve the problem?
    I´m afraid it´s been almost 30 days since i purchased my iphone and, though it´s still not activated and with the original plastic protector on the screen, i really don´t know if they´re gonna change for another new one.
    It´s very sad to have a newly bought iphone, never used, and send it to the apple service to be opened and fixed. It would be much more fair to have it changed for another one.
    What do you think i should do?
    I wish you all the luck!
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    mine did this frequently after about 2-3 weeks of use.
    i simply "rebooted" the phone and it took care of the problem.

    Hold in the top power button for a few seconds. a display comes on the screen that says "slide to turn off".
    Slide the bar, then turn your phone back on.

    it worked for me.
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    I returned my iPhone - twas picked up by UPS on Mon 7th - and I just checked - they are sending another to me today - so I'm hopeful this problem will not affect the replacement.
    I did try everything to resolve the matter before sending it back - including complete restores on 3 occasions - There was also the issue of WiFi disappearing and despite the network appearing in the network options it would not connect, although it worked quite well in the first few days - it may be possible that the WiFi issues and the restarts were connected?
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    I´m praying to get a new one too... A friend of mine is taking my iphone to new york this weekend and will try to exchange it for another one. I´m just afraid it probably won´t show its problems of restarting when he gets there.
    I tried a lot of restores too, but it kept rebooting and starting up without wi fi... It´s very strange, i´ve commented about these problems in other forums and no one had ever heard about anything like this before.
    I really hope they´ll will give me another one, cause having my iphone repaired without even been used *****!