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I was just curious if there was a way to sync only a few songs from my library and not the whole playlist. I f you uncheck some of the songs, the get removed from my iPhone. I just want to be able to add my new songs that I get without having to wait to have all of my library synced.

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  • BrianH Level 4 Level 4 (1,835 points)
    Just setup a new playlist called "iPhone" or whatever and have your iphone only sync that playlist.

    I'm not sure i totally understand what you are asking
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    There are a couple of ways to do this.
    One of the easiest ways is to create a playlist and put only the songs that you want on the iphone in the playlist.
    then set the iphone only to sync to that play list.
    That way when you get new songs, just drag and drop then in the playlist.

    Or you can check the box on the summary page to sync only checked items.
    However, you have to go through your whole library and check or uncheck what you want or do not want on your iphone.

    Hope this helps.
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Absolute best way to sync either an iPod or iPhone is by playlist. If you do this you can do exactly what you want.

    Just create one (or more) playlists that contain the songs you want and mark them as syncing. Then you can either add or subtract to the list and only the ones you add or subtract will be added or subtracted to your phone.

    Try it -- once you've synced via playlist you won't want to do it any other way!
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    eking, the answer appears to be "no" as far as I understand your question. What you want is to just add new songs without iphone recopying all the others you already have.

    It still needs to copy over ALL checked songs even if you already have them. If you do not check them they will be removed, that is very inconvinient.

    You can not just add new songs, the way it works is this:

    syncing means completely revising your content in the memory of the iphone.
    As library grows you have to wait longer and longer for syncing process to finish, even if you want to add only one song which should take seconds to copy, that is very inconvinient, gurus, please correct me if I am wrong.
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    I also want to manually add selected songs only without the bother of setting up a playlist each time. Why isn't this possible? If I can do it on my iPod why not on on my iPhone??

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    Read the thread again, you can sync only the songs you want without playlists. On the sumary page, set the iPod to sync only checked songs. Now go through and place a checkmark next to the songs you want to sync. You get only the songs you want on the iPod now. I've been doing this on my iPod since day one.
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    synching does not take longer as your library grows - when you synch the iPhone only adds/deletes those songs that have been added deleted from the source list (whether that is your whole library or just a playlist-s)

    so if only a couple of songs have been added it should only take a few seconds
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    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate how it can be done, but why is this in the way described? To go through checking boxes is a lot less user-friendly than simply dragging songs over.I was asking why we are in this situation.

    ie why have Apple restricted the iPod side of the iPhone in this irritating way by insisting on a 'Synch' process. Is it a misguided attempt to steer people to buy both devices (misguided in the sense of serving to actually steer people towards modifying their iPhones or using non-Apple software)? Is it poor design? Is it deliberately left out so it can be introduced as an 'improvement' at a later stage?

    For all I know it may be difficult to implement on an iPhone for some technical reason - but intuitively it doesn't seem to be the case. It would be nice to know - input from an Apple employee would be useful.
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    This is a user-to-user forum -- Apple employees can not post here in any official capacity (other than as fellow users).

    Dragging songs to a playlist that is synced isn't any more trouble than dragging them to the phone -- so just do that.
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    you only create the playlist ONE time... then just add new songs whenever, then when you sync it, it will just sync the new songs added to the playlist...