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Well my question isn't about how to connect it but rather how to disconnect the ipod. It got stolen a few months ago and i can't do anything about it but my problem is that i have the ipod stuff still on my comp. i want to keep itunes but remove the ipod stuff. When i goto task manager and processes theres stuff like ipod service and others that i do not need. u uninstalled all the ipod updates but theres still stuff there. How do i get rid of it?

HP Pavilion, Windows XP, 30 GB Black Video Ipod
Reply by ChrisJ4203 on Jan 7, 2008 7:16 PM Helpful
I don't belive the iPod software takes up that much room. Most everything revolves around iTunes, so if you want to keep it, I wouldn't worry about it. You could always back up your library, delete iTunes and then reinstall it and install your backup library, if you are so inclined.

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