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I just bought a new iPhone and I can't drag and drop any of my songs. However, i'm able to drag and drop songs with my 30 gb iPod. Help!!!!

gateway, Windows Vista
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    Hi rbernardo1040!

    Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    Your iPhone is functioning correctly, the phone does not support "drag & drop" like the iPod. Rather, you must assign a song (or songs) to playlists and then sync the playlists over.

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    i have an ipo and iphone my wife has and ipod touch how do i sync my iphone with the music on my ipod?i already have playlists set up but it is not syncing?
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    under the music tab in the iPhone options in iTunes you can choose "sync selected playlists" so you can make a playlist of all the songs you want then sync that, you can still have smaller playlists too. Just make sure the the songs in the smaller playlists are in the main playlist and you will be fine.
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    Hi jasondechert!

    First, make sure that iTunes sees the device. When you click on the device it'll bring you to the device summary tab where it lists basic information about your device. You should see other tabs, one of which is entitled "Music."

    Click on the Music tab and you'll presented with the following options:

    1. Sync Music (with a checkbox)
    2. All songs and playlists (with a radio box)
    3. Selected playlists (with a radio box)
    4. A listing of the playlists in iTunes (each with a checkbox)
    5. Include music videos (with a checkbox)

    Keep in mind that everything will be grayed out if you don't have the first checkbox (Sync music) checked. Once you check that first box you can then choose to sync all of your music (the entire library) or specific playlists. If you select "selected playlists" it will then allow you to choose the specific playlists you want to sync.

    This URL should also help-