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I made a movie in iMovie '08 and from that exported it as a QuickTime file to my web gallery. It takes too long for viewers to open it.

What are the different options I have for making that file lighter/smaller/faster to open? I Googled “how to make a file smaller” and got a bunch of different forums saying different things and none of them expressed the thoughts clearly or completely.

Is it basically something that I would do with QuickTime? I have my QuickTime file, which is a six-minute movie. Different forums mention things like using different codecs (?) etc etc, but I want to learn the simplest way to do it without me buying more applications. I do not have Final Cut Express/Pro. I have only iMovie '08 and QuickTime Pro.

Also: Is there any chapter or site which explains this? Googling around didn't lead me to any cogent explanations. Hope there is help. I think that if I get this basic kind of lesson down, I will come to really enjoy making videos. I have so many ideas.........

~Lorna in SoCal

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