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I have 2 hard drives installed in my Intel MacPro. One is a 250Gb drive that is just for my software and the other one is a 500Gb drive which I use for all my documents. *It's the 500Gb drive that I have a problem with. It used to be in the sidebar of Finder, but somehow during the installation of my wireless network it disappeared!*

The only way I can find it is by searching for it in Finder. It opens when I double click on it. However, it will not mount to the sidebar! I was successful in dropping the icon to the dock.

*This is a 'big problem' because I cannot access the drive at all from my new Mac BookPro* which was set-up today. The search function doesn't even work.

All help is greatly appreciated.

Oh, I need to add that I am still a newbie with my Mac. I am a graphic designer and worked on PCs up until April 2007. Do I love my Mac? You betcha!

Intel Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2 Hard drives (1 @ 250 Gb, 1 @ 500 Gb)