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I installed a Mail backup program from Maza Digital and have determined that I do not need the functions of this program. I have tried to uninstall it and to inactivate it processes. Even with the program deleted, the back up process still occurs. Obviously, a script is running some where that copies the required folders to a secondary site on the drive. Does any body have an idea how to shut this thing down? Thanks, alh.

Multipe, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    The simplest thing to do might be to reinstall the backup program and then use it to remove the schedule. From [the documentation|http://homepage.mac.com/minge/downloads/EBPDocumentation.pdf] for it:

    *Removing an Email Backup Pro configuration*
    At any point you do not wish to continue to backup your email using Email Backup Pro, you simply need to select Remove Configuration from the Tools menu.

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    I have re-installed the program twice and set the prefs to "remove the schedule" twice also. It has not worked either time. Thanks, alh.