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Why does Safari not have any Fraud Protection? All the other major browsers have one.

Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • Hawaiian_Starman Level 7 Level 7 (21,415 points)
    From what I have read, early developer releases of Leopard/Safari had Phishing alerts. Seems this feature never made it to the final release copy.

    In the meantime, I rely on 1Password for Phishing protection. This add-on works on Safari, Firefox and Camino. Very well conceived. Very reliable when it comes to Phishing protection.
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    Hi Apple a day,

    What you wanna do with it ?? Or where are you afraid of ??

    I never knew that is was out there, I use Internet since the beginning it came out .......

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    Okay, got it ... what next ??

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    Unlike its competitors, Safari has no built-in phishing filter to warn users when they are visiting suspicious Web sites, Barrett said. Another problem is Safari's lack of support for another anti-phishing technology, called Extended Validation (EV) certificates. This is a secure Web browsing technology that turns the address bar green when the browser is visiting a legitimate Web site.

    PayPal: Steer clear of Apple's Safari
    You don't want to be phish food, do you?

    http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleI d=9065298
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    Safari is the only major web browser without built in fraud prioctection
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    There's been a few security warnings recently over Safari, however Apple have been good to fix those fairly swiftly.

    The more public coverage Safari gets for being 'unsecure' the sooner it'll be fixed, I'm sure.

    What I wanted to know, is it Apple who have to fix the security, or is it the underlying engine of safari (http://webkit.org/) that needs to fix it?
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    Wish there was a plugin from these guys

    I use ut when I am using Opera and its sitchecker
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    Maybe they can add this as an option under the Security tab in the Safari preferences as Fraud Protection

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    There's nothing wrong with Safari. The so-called lack of anti-phishing technology is nothing to be concerned about. Phishing has been around for quite some time, and the inclusion of such technology will not stop the practice or prevent people from being duped if they don't stop long enough to think about what they are doing. This "technology" is a non-solution looking for a problem.

    If you're so afraid of everything, it's time to turn in your computer and stay off the Internet. And if you're so impressed with the anti-phishing feature of OpenDNS, then why don't you just set your DNS servers to theirs and stop worrying?

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    Not ever one will use the same DNS server, anti-phishing technology is in all major web browsers but Safari, on Windows Machines it would help the most since they are targeted the most.

    I know this for a fact because when I still had my Windows machine some hackers attacked Norton Internet Security 2008 yes the program itself and killed it (every thing was fully patched including Windows itself) After that the only things that would load was iTunes and QuickTime, all this happened in less than 2 minutes

    And what is with the attitude?
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    I don't have an attitude; I'm just pointing out the flaw in your thinking. Windoze systems are flawed in their very design, so it's not surprising they are the primary targets of phishing attacks. Nobody has hacked a Mac yet, so I'd say they're very secure.

    Everyone doesn't need to use the same DNS servers. If you want more security and anti-phishing, you can use OpenDNS on your Mac. It's very easy and doesn't require anything of any other user.

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    I do think Anti Phishing filters should be available in all internet browsers.
    I am not surprised that Apple has not done this with Safari. I think since Safari has been ported to the Windows side it does need to think about security better then it does. Some Mac user's appear to be nieve about Mac's being secure. Phishing schemes have nothing to do with the OS.In fact several Mobile Me user's were redirected to a phishing site and gave out personal information.