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Hi, I've checked the router manual to try and figure this out but it's not very helpful and I can't find any useful info on the web about my particular router so I'm hoping someone here can help...

I've got an SMC wireless router - SMC7004WFW - when it was originally set up a few years ago you had to type a password to connect wirelessly to the internet. However, when I upgraded the powerbook to 10.4 it asked for the password again and as I was unable to remember it I reset the router so now you don't need a password. I would like to set a password so neighbours can't use my internet connection but cannot figure out how to do this - is it through the router or the macbook/powerbook setting?

The only password setting I can change when I log in to the router is the access password for the router itself rather than the wireless network. I also tried to enable 128-bit WEP security (which is the only encryption available on the router) but then it asks you for a password to join the network and the passphrase I typed to generate the WEP key/setting doesn't work so I had to disable the encryption.

Apologies for the rather long-winded question but any advice would be gratefully appreciated!

Powerbook G4, MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)