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Hello guys,

Have a question about the CD capacity.....

Burned 20 songs onto a CD this morning, that's almost 100MB according to iTunes.

On the CD it says 700MB though.... I thought I could fit many more songs.

How does it work? Can I fit more?

The CD changer in my car can only hold 6 CDs, it would be nice to have lots of songs on each CD.

I'm very new to music burning and all help will be appreciated.

Thank you

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    If you are burning an *audio CD,* i.e. the kind that can play is a standard CD player, the normal ones hold 80 minutes of music. Disregard the MB on your playlist, because the process of burning an *audio CD* performs an on-the-fly conversion to PCM format, which increases the size substantially. Go by the time of the playlist.

    If your car player happens to handle *MP3 CDs*, you can fit many more songs.
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    Thanks Ed,

    I don't know if my car can play MP3s but I will check and if it does I'll try converting the songs into MP3s