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Hello ALL!

Happy New Year!

In fact I feel a bit scary last two days. Never had this kind of feeling since LB replaced :-D My scare related to the topics i've read here about batteries and leopard. Later below i will write my questions specific.

I just summarise my problem:
1. With battery installed unplug from mains leads to instant shutdown like it is some desktop.
2. The battery now does not have LED indication at all even in system it comes up as 100 charged and System Profiler reads information from battery.
3. When In unplug the laptop from mains first time, the battery did not give any indication of level of charge before i plug it in mains, after that it started charging and system indicator was trying to calculate remaining time till the end of charge endless...
4. This battery was working fine since 3 years without significant reduction in capacity. Before yesterday it was enough power to watch 2-2.5 hours DVD.
5. Battery seem to be dead. Mind that it was no slow reduction in capacity (keeping charge)
6. I was making calibration with some regularity.
7. While sleep mode with leopard seems battery drains faster even for me seems general operation after upgrade became longer.

So my questions are:
1. Is my battery really dead and needs replacement?
2. If yes, what are the symptoms of normal dying of battery?
3. Regarding all the posts which incline to Leopard as main cause of dying batteries should I run to buy a new one ....
4.... or it is hardware problem which lays in DC in board (heard also about battery board) which was discussed here but nobody directly gave indication that it was real cause of the problem?
5. Is it possible that even the battery will be brand new when i plug it in laptop it will die if it something related to hardware?

Thank you very much even for some smallest but helpful suggestion.

PS: I am not in USA and not in any closest distance to Apple Store genius, most of my friends now on MB or MBP or iMac so even have nobody to try battery on exchange or even power adapter.

iBook G4 1.2GHz 12" Combo RAM 768MB, Mac OS X (10.5.1), iPod video 30GB