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I don't record that much on EyeTV, but I recorded a film the other day and set it to convert and send a compatible file to iTunes.

I'd forgotten about it and was pleasantly surprised when the film appeared on AppleTV TV Shows, but during playback every 20 secs or so I get a flash of adverts that preceded the film.

Anyone else had any odd auto-conversion issues like this - I guess it could have been the broadcast itself but that seems unlikely.


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    Occasionally I get some odd eyetv exports, indeed it doesn't really matter whether they are auto exported or not. I can't say I've had the problem you describe but have had audio go out of sync and on one occasion disappear altogether.

    First thing is to check with the eyetv viewer that the problem isn't part of the original file and that it's occurred during conversion otherwise I'm guessin there isn't much one can do. Generally I find problems occur when the broadcast signal is interrupted. I found that in most of the handful of cases when I do have such issues simply running the conversion to tv manually doesn't remedy the issue.

    What I have found more often than not though is that if you export the eyetv recording to a native mpeg2 program stream the resulting file can be converted with 3rd party software (mpegstreamclip for me) and the issue disappears.

    The native exports is fairly quick, I think it just strips away the eyetv container and most of the file is simply passed through.
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    I record a lot of content using EyeTV and then edit/export to Apple TV format using the EyeTV software, and I've never had that issue. I'm recording HD content using an EyeTV Hybrid TV tuner and over-the-air HDTV. Also, I am not using the H.264 accelerator.