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Christiina Level 1 (0 points)
I have the 2nd gen of iPod shuffle. & I'm using Windows XP.
I don't know why but the shuffle won't sync onto my computer.
It used to before but it doesn't work anymore.

I've tried restoring it with the iPod Reset Utility but it said it won't mount. Also, when I tried connecting it to iTunes, it said that the files were corrupted.
So I tried restoring it there too but it would never finish, even after a few hours.
And another problem is that it won't show up as a hard drive on "my computer."
But when I take it to my brother's computer, the iPod shuffle works.

Is there a way to make it sync onto my computer?

Because all the songs are on my computer and I'll have to send them over to my brother's computer.
Which will take a really long time.

Thanks in advance.