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I am hoping this is not a Hardware problem but it is looking more and more like it is.

Yesterday I was working on my MacBook and all of a suddent the screen flickered and then went black. I have tried everything that I can think of(Unplug, remove battery power down, etc) but it won't come back on. When I did power up it flickered once with a very light white but then went black. I do not have a second montior to ensure it is just the screen.

Any help on fixing this problem would be great!! This is our second laptop and they both have had screen problems. Is this common?

Thank you so much.

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MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    welcome to the club......I had mine for a day and next morning the screen was black.Anyway you should take it to an applestore ,that's what I did (unless you want to be on the phone for 2 hours with an Apple guy).
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    The same happened to me on Xmas eve and the Apple Repair Center now tells me it is a Logic Board failure.

    I cannot believe it! 6 months after the warranty expires and now I must pay $1000 to fix it.

    I hope you have a warranty or Applecare.
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    So i presume you bought yours around June 06?

    I bought mine on Sep 1st 2006 and it also died of logic board problem. I didnt buy apple care. So i can simply keep my laptop and hope to trade in with other brand during some kind of road show.

    oh ya apple tells me i need to fork out 1.4K (about US$1k) to replace the logic board.

    yes, apple care helps.

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    FYI, I have a June 2006 macbook. same problem started for me about 12 months ago. I normally just put my laptop to sleep and only power cycle once every few weeks. When the screen blacks out, I seem to be able to get it back with a cold reboot. does not always work, but usually never have to do it more than 3 times. no warranty, cant afford to buy a new lap top, so I manage.