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Recently lost the control of my volume. It keeps ramping down. States that that the internal speaker device has no output controls. What happened? Mac G-4 running 10.4.11. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Also just noticed that the volume gray screen is still visible and I can't seem to make it disappear.

Thanks for any suggestions and help. Bill

mac G4 Quicksilver, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I am not sure I explained problem clearly. When I go in the system prefs, under sound it reads as: internal speakers, when I put in headphones it shows the difference. The port reads as: built-in audio. Below in the gray area it shows: Settings for the selected device: The selected device has no output controls. Then below that it reads:
    Output volume and the mute button is selected. When I go to unselect it pops back on. The speaker itself works, because during various reset attempts I could hear the chime. I can also hear headphones and speaker for brief moment when I manually try to adjust volume control both on key board or in menu, but it will not hold, it drops back to zero.

    Weird part is that about 2 hours ago everything seemed normal again and itunes played and I was able to adjust volume without any problems. Then about hour later the volume gray box popped back up on my desk top and went to zero again(all the way to left) with no sound and now the box will not go away. Light gray with volume symbol.

    Any thoughts? I'm baffled. Recently put in wireless card and airport extreme base, but when I disconnected problem still occurs.

    Thanks again,

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    has anyone found an answer to this?
    my fiance is running 10.5.2 on a 1.5ghz powerbook
    with the same exact problem.

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    someone could please help?i have de exact same problem.....it began a few hours ago!if i connect the phones jack it works just fine. without the phones it shows a message that says: "the selected device has no output controls".
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    Try unplugging and re-plugging your headphones into the mac's headphone jack multiple times. My macbook's headphone jack thought the headphones were still plugged in and there was a strange red-light emanating from the jack. Plugging and unplugging the headphones in 5-6 times got rid of the light and fixed the 'No internal speaker output error'
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    I've got the same problem described - unplugging/replugging headphones did not work. I've confirmed output is set to 44.1 etc...
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    Same thing just happened to me. Anyone solve this yet?
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    Same problem with me. The tips didn't work. What shall we do???

    I'm all desesperate! I wanna hear my speakers working!!
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    I'm afraid I got exactly the same problem, except that pluging the headphones in and out doesn't have any effect on the problem. Headphones are not working either!
    Only solution is shut down and restart. The problem is however getting worse with time!
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    I had the same problem, red light, no external sound — so I took a paperclip and pressed down gently inside the headphone jack on the bottom of the bottom of it. So if you're looking inside the jack at the red light, I pressed down right on the 6 o'clock position of the inside (kind of hard to explain). I did that for a few seconds until the light turned off, sound works great now!

    Don't press too hard, just gently and press around until the light turns off.

    Peace out.
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    The headphones n and out trick worked for me. I did it slowly and several times in succession if that helps anyone. I only ever have this problem when I record audio, and it happens every single time I record- normally it just goes away after a cold boot. Ironically though, i'm not putting anything into the jack, I record using the external mike. Weird.

    There's more information in this thread:

    - it mentioned at some point running something from Utilities. I have yet to try that.