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Hey everyone I have a problem I can't solve, I cannot burn CD's from Itunes now. I used to be able to burn CD's from Itunes. I just downloaded the latest version of Itunes last week and now I cannot burn CD's. When I click on the burn disc icon in the file category nothing happens the lettering of the burn disc is not bold anymore. I ran the diagnostics and my burner and CD player both check out ok. There used to be a burner icon in the bottom right hand corner of Itunes to burn CD's that I clicked on and it is gone now and replaced now with a browser icon for my music library. I have not been able to find any information anywhere on this problem. Anybody out there can help me out, Please. Thank you

Dell Dimension 8250, Windows XP
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    You have to first create a plalist and add the songs that you want to burn to this playlist. Then you can see the burn button when you click on the playlist. It will also show burn playlist as an option when you right click on a playlist.