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I encountered this problem as my Ipod was connected into a new alarm and speaker system that I had recently gotten specifically made for the Ipod. Now, while i was using this, the screen happened to freeze, so while it was still connected into this system I reset the Ipod by holding down the menu and select buttons. After I had done this my Ipod began to continuously restart itself over and over again, never making it to the main screen. All that shows it the apple icon for about 15 second and then the screen flashes white, and then it just repeats that. I have tried restarting it again, holding the reset buttons for well over 1 minute, though it still continues to do this.

Now while searching on here I found that others have had similar problems and there seems to be a way to fix this, though this was does not work for me. I am able to go into disk mode, and my ipod is able to connect to my itunes through this. The issue I am having is while in the process of restoring the Ipod, everything seems fine, until it finishes restoring, and then my Ipod exits out of Disk mode and appears to restart itself again, but instead of going to the main menu like it should, it just repeatedly restarts again. Also When I go back into disk mode and connect my Ipod to itunes again, it appears that my Ipod is still at the capacity that it was before, and it appears that it hasn't been restored at all! If someone can help I would very much appreciate it. I really do not want to to have to get a replacement shipped. I am also not aware if my Ipod is under warranty since it was given as a gift.

I am not sure if this matters but my Ipod is an Ipod classic and it is 80gb.

I am also very sorry for making this post so long, but I wanted to give as much detail as I possibly could.

Thanks again.

Windows XP
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    Sorry for posting again, but I also forgot to add that each time it restarts again, I heard a fairly loud clicking sound coming from the Ipod. When I get the Ipod into disk mode, everything seems fine, no reseting occurs and everything connects like normal. I also noticed that while I try to make no matter what I do, no changes I try to make in itunes to my Ipod seem to be going through. If anybody has any ideas about what is going on or how to fix this, please reply!

    Thank you.
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    i am having the same problem, and i too keep hearing a loud clicking noise everytime the ipod restarts itself, but i dont know how to get it into disk mode, so can you please explain to me how.

    thanks =)
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    It's really easy, all you have to do is hold down the play/pause button and the select button (which is the center circle) and hold them down. I find that since it keeps restarting for me, that I have to hold it down until it automatically restarts by itself, and after that, you should wait like 5-10 seconds and a white screen saying *Disk Mode* at the top should come it.

    I personally feel more comfortable keeping it in this mode until I get it my ipod fixed, since in this mode it doesn't constantly restart and it wont make those clicking noises.
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    Going to bump this since it hasn't been answered yet.
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    I am haveing the same problem. I downlaoded the newest softeware and now it does the above mentioned. Ipod 6th Gen video, 30GB
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    More info to the above question, mine also does the clicking noises. It is stuck in a cycle of constantly trying to reboot. The apple logao appears, then the main menu (ie language steeing etc) I restored it to original settings with the new software. A dark bar will appear on the screen and then it reboots again. I can get it to disk mode and Itunes will recognize the ipod. This will happen in disk mode only.
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    I have the same issue - and this Ipod classic just came back from Apple repair. Where it was diagnosed with no problems - sorry I don't have any answers - I just very frustrated
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    Bump, think there may be more of this going on. Aplle, any news yet???
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    I too have the same problem. I've tried everything posted on this thread and nothing solves the issue!

    Help please!!!
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    I too have this exact problem. It started on Sunday after I downloaded the new version of itunes. I hooked my ipod up to sync and it just started flashing the apple logo and making the clicking noises. I tried everything possible that I found to try on this site and nothing. SO today I took it into Mac Life, the Apple store and was told that it can only be fixed by sending it in for the $129 repair fee. The guy told me whenever you hear the loud clicking noises, it means something has happend to the disk and must be repaired. He did all the diagnostic testing and everything read fine. I have been following this thread, hoping someone had better news than this. Sorry. you can call apple support to find out if your ipod is under warranty- I was told 90 day on the apple phone line and was told 1 year at the apple store. So not sure which.
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    same stuff going on with my ipod.
    i updated it and now it is totaly screwed.
    it just resets and resets. then resets some more.
    i tried to go into disk mode (select + play/pause) and connected to my PC and it came up with (blah blah blah, restore) and i clicked on restore, it looked like it was restoring and it said "your ipod is restarting.....etc.." i watched my ipod restart and.......nothing, restarting over and over again.

    i lost my reciept for it too. i wonder if theres a way i can return it without a reciept
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    I have the EXACT same problem! I tried restoring on my pc and no dice. When i tried restoring on my mac i had the error that my ipod could not be unmounted and was not updated. The ipod still shows up in itunes, but with the old firmware. This is insane, Apple!
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    I have that exact same problem... It got screwed up while playing in my Logitech PureFi Anywhere dock. Called Apple, sent it back and they sent me a new one. This new one worked for a while, played in the dock just fine, then while i was listening to it through the speaker dock today it randomly froze and skipped songs and is now in the restart loop again. I can't believe this - Apple could at least make a product that works!
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    My Ipod classic did locked up today. I leave my Ipod in shuffle mode and it's connected to my Honda element's line-in jack baecause the digital interface's
    DAC from honda has a ****** DAC. **** poor dynamic range.. the Ipod's is actually better. Anyway once about every month my IPOD locks up when I'm advancing over a song that I want to skip. I have to reboot the ipod if it goes silent. The interface is in play mode but it's not playing the timeline is not advancing.
    I am running version 1.0.3
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