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Hi, I'm relatively new to the photography thing. I had a point-and-shoot since a few years back, but recently got more serious about it. I used to just use Photoshop's browse feature to play with photos, but I tried Aperture and I really like the features it has.

The problem I'm having is that it appears that Aperture is based on a workflow that I don't have any experience in. I import my photos into a project, but then they just kind of sit there. I know how to export them in batches and what not, but it seems like this is going to get really messy after a few more months.

I'm curious about what the professional and "serious amateur" photographers here do with their pictures after that first import. And I also haven't figured how the vault thing is supposed to work yet. Thanks!

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    I'm a photo hobbyist and typically shoot a few hundred photos for each project. Here's my Aperture workflow. Remember that there's more than one way to do it! Be sure to check out the how-to articles on this site.

    I mostly target web output and make occasional prints. Each of my Aperture projects corresponds to a day trip, vacation, etc. For each of those projects, I'll make a smart folder of images with one or more stars that I'll export for my web site. I have a smart folder that pulls every photo with three or more stars for a "best of" gallery.

    1. Import photos into a project and use a metadata template to fill in the essentials (location, credits, etc.).
    2. Make a quick pass through the photos and assign ratings. I try to mark most of them as discards.
    3. Make a second pass through the remaining photos to refine ratings. I'll often use the compare/select tools to pick between similar photos at this point and may make some quick adjustments.
    4. Finish entering metadata, particularly keywords.
    5. Make edits as needed to the photos with one or more stars and write headlines and captions.
    6. Create the smart gallery for photos with one or more stars and export them to a directory where my web authoring software can find them.
    7. Create an online gallery for those images.

    This hopefully gives you some ideas.


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    Thanks guys. Life had me pretty busy the last month, so I haven't gotten to this yet, but I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks.