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I'm having a reproduceable problem with bluetooth on my iPhone. Any time the bluetooth is idle (as in no device connected) for more than a few minutes, it stops working until it is turned off and back on. I don't know exactly how long it takes for the bluetooth to go unresponsive.

The headset I'm using is a Motorola HS350. The headset will pair, and once the headset is connected, it stays connected. If I turn the headset off and right back on, it will reconnect. If the headset is off for a while, it won't reconnect. If I then unpair the headset and put it in discoverable mode, the iPhone still won't see it.

Once this starts to happen: If I turn the iPhone's bluetooth on and off, turn airplane mode on and off, or power cycle/reboot the iPhone, bluetooth starts working again. The headset will once again pair and/or connect.

iPhone version is 1.1.2.

Anyone see this behavior? Thanks!

PC, Windows Vista, Core 2 Quad Q6600
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    I'm having this exact problem, but with apple's BT headset and 1.1.3 on the iPhone. I have to turn the headset off completely, then when I turn it back on, it will connect to the iPhone. For a while anyhow. I was talking with someone at Apple Support and they are thinking it may be the antenna as the phone will drop wifi and switch to edge about the same time the bluetooth drops. My issue still isn't resolved. I've only had the iphone 1 week.
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    I exchanged my iPhone at the nearest Apple store. The replacement has been working perfectly.

    If you can get the headset to work again but tuning the headset off and on, the problem might be with the headset. Try another headset. My phone would not see ANY headset until the phone's bluetooth was turned off and on.
  • TWParker Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Bluetooth was defective. iPhone was replaced at Genius Bar.
  • Saul Herrera Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    I have the same problem with my one-weeo old iphone.

    It pairs and works fine with my Plantronice bluetooth headset and with my Parrot car kit but then randomly the phone goes black and I have to completely turn it off and back on again.

    I will go to genius bar today to see if they can fix it or replace it.
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    There may be a fix for this. Delete all of your recent calls, then repair the Parrot. I tried it out, and it seemed to work. My iPhone didnt freeze and the car kit worked.
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    A probable related problem is with the Microsoft SYNC feature on some Ford products inlcuding my Lincoln MKZ - - after upgrading to the latest firmware 1.1.3, the phone intermittently loses the BT connection when connected to SYNC in the car. It can happen during a call or when no call is occuring. Sometimes simply the BT connection is lost. Occasionally, the phone locks up and will not come back on without a master reset. VERY ANNOYING. I have not been able to find out if Apple is aware and working on a fix, but Ford and SYNC are aware and documenting the issue.
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    This happened to me i got one of the first phones you have to replace it.
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    i am tired to wait until apple upgrade the iohone bluetooth, so i bought a plantronics stereo bluetooth headphones, model voyager 855, this device works good with iphone, but just to make and recive calls only, but if you want to listen music you have to buya oakley icombi ap21 adapter, sync this two devices and you are ready to enjoy your iphone music.
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    I'm having the same problem with Microsoft Sync in my Ford Focus and iPhone 1.1.3.

    MS Sync worked great with 1.1.2, but is very hit-or-miss with 1.1.3. I'm connected via BT... then I'm not... then I go to the MS Sync Phone menu, and I'm reconnected via BT. Then someone calls me, and I realize that I lost BT again at some point, and have to answer the phone hands- not -free.

    Extremely annoying, and actually the first several times, it was more distracting to me while driving than if I didn't expect hands-free capability and just answered the phone. When someone would call and I discovered I'm not connected via BT, I found myself looking at the phone button on the steering wheel, looking at the display on the dash, fumbling for my iPhone, checking the USB cable, answering the call and trying to see if I can select Sync BT from my iPhone after I've answered the call, to transfer the call back over to MS Sync.

    No luck so far, so I left my iPhone in the house and grabbed my wife's iPhone... she still has 1.1.2 installed due to a 1602 error when she tries to upgrade to 1.1.3 (I haven't had a chance to troubleshoot the 1602 error yet). Her iPhone with 1.1.2 was discovered as soon as I got in the car, and stayed connected, as expected. Then I took her 1.1.2 phone back to the house and grabbed my 1.1.3 phone. When I got to the car, it was automatically connected to MS Sync, and about 10 seconds later, the BT connection was dropped.

    So the problem is my iPhone with 1.1.3, or my iPhone with any version of software. After searching the google on the internet machine, I don't think I need to do any more troubleshooting.

    *1.1.3 kills BT functionality.*

    Remember the days when Apple appeared to have quality control, and we didn't take alarming steps backwards every time new software/features were released (Leopard security, iPhone 1.1.3 BT)?

    *How quickly can Apple release*
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    So even though the phone worked fine with 1.1.2 and now frequently disconnects with 1.1.3, it is a hardware problem. I would have guessed software. I am having the problem and I have one of the first phones too. Will getting a new one really fix it?
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    I am having the same problem with my Lincoln and iPhone. Have you found a solution yet?
  • redwein Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    If you turn off the automatic download of the phone book from the Sync side, your iPhone should connect and stay connected. That worked for me an others who have tried it.
  • redwein Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I just had my phone replaced for an unrelated reason. The problem persists. I still need to keep the automatic download of the phone book turned off. It is definitely software related.
  • Stephen Holtzin Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Had the same problem with my Edge until yesterday.
    Download the new upgrade (1.1.4). Seems to have
    addressed the problem. No issues now - works better
    than ever.
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