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applemac123 Level 1 Level 1
I just purchased the Canon MX310 multifunction printer through the promotional offer when I purchased the macbook. The printer and copier work fine. When I finish scanning a document under my user account and log out, the next user is not able to scan under their account when they log in. The error message is: "Cannot scan for these reasons: - scanner is in start processing; - the scanner is being used by another user or application." I also receive the same error msg when I log back into my account and try to scan. I've installed the updated Canon driver and software several times. Canon tech support thinks it's an apple software problem - that it is not closing down the scanning operation when the user logs off. The apple tech support suggests that I perform "archive and install" which will delete all applications I have installed. Any suggestions before I make this drastic move??

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
  • etresoft Level 7 Level 7
    Since this is a new Macbook, an archive and install is probably not going to help. That is a good solution to many 10.5 problems, but not this one.

    First, a couple of questions..

    1) How is your printer connected to the Macbook? Are you using a hub? If so, does it support USB 2.0?
    2) Can you do repeated scans without logging out? Is it the log out process that causes a problem?
    3) Have you tried unplugging the USB cable, logging off, then plugging the cable back in?

    I have two Canon printers (including an MX300, very similar to yours). I will try to remember to see if I can reproduce this problem. While I really like my Canon machines, printer drivers and especially scanner drivers are notoriously flaky. One of the primary reasons people liked the old MacOS so much was that printing was so easy and effortless. Apple doesn't make printers anymore. Now printing is a pain. Is that Apple's fault? Kind of - because they don't make printers anymore.

    It is certainly possible that Apple software is the problem. Still, reinstalling the Apple OS will not help if it is a Canon problem or an Apple problem. I might recommend that if only the Macbook originally had Tiger installed and then you upgraded to Leopard.
  • applemac123 Level 1 Level 1
    The printer is connected directly to the Macbook via a USB device cable for printer. I can repeat the scan without logging out. The log out process causes the problem. When I unplug the USB cable, log off, then plug the cable back in, the scan will work. The scan will work if I restart or unplug the USB cable when the error message occurs.
  • Greg Pierce Level 2 Level 2
    Similar problem observed with a Canon MP460 - it appears that the Apple TWAINBridge application is getting hung during logout and ties up the scanner until the scanner is power cycled (or the Mac is rebooted).