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This issue has been addressed here before without a clear cut reply IMHO.

My new MacBook came with a 60 watt MagSafe charger that works fine. I am thinking of getting a spare for another location and saw that they also come in a 85 watt model.

Can a 85 watt model possibly do any damage to my MacBook or to its battery in the long term. I assume the 85 watt model will provide a faster charge and if all things are equal, I'm going 85 watts.

MacBook 3.1 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz 4GB, Mac OS X (10.5)
  • First Magus Level 6 (15,855 points)
    Others have used the 85 watt supplies with their MacBooks with no problems. If I was buying an extra charger I would buy one.

  • longofest Level 1 (10 points)
    You can use an 85 Watt magsafe with a MacBook with absolutely no adverse problems. The reverse cannot be said (60 Watt magsafes cannot be used with MacBook Pros).

    However, I don't think the 85 watt model will give you any faster charge times for your MacBook than the 60 watt model would.
  • First Magus Level 6 (15,855 points)
    I just received my new 85 watt MagSafe. It is really great. It is really well built and the magsafe cord itself is beefier. Well worth the money for an extra supply.