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I have a problem with quicktime for which I would like advice. The symptom is that each time quicktime is loaded or accessed, there is a pop-up message box which says,"Some of your quicktime software is out of date. You can fix this problem by updating to the latest version." There's a cancel button, which I use nearly every time, and a "Do It Now" button. Note that I am running the latest version of quicktime.

When I use the "Do It Now" button, I get an error message pop-up which says,"Information obtained from the Quicktime server is invalid. Please try again later." I don't use quicktime stand alone for anything, so I don't really know if it's working OK. It seems to be, but I've not done a thorough testing. The dominant symptom is in iTunes, where I experience lock-ups. I spoke with an Apple technical support person for a while about it, and we (re)did the compulsory uninstall, reinstall stuff to no avail.

The Apple guy pointed me to an Apple website detailing some methods to fix various problems with iTunes/quicktime. (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93976) I have tried everything there. One of the things was an experiment to try to detect interactions with other programs. Using MSCONFIG, I did a custom start-up which enabled nothing but quicktime. No change. I have removed (ctrl-panel->add/remove programs...) many of the programs which were installed. No change.


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Dell dimension 9100