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I've been organizing my music and find that when an album is a compilation (i.e. Soundtrack) I can't get the Album Artwork to download. The albums are found on iTunes though I didn't purchase them on iTunes but that doesn't seem to matter with other single artist/group albums. For example, I have the soundtrack to 'Elizabethtown'. It's found on iTunes and all my songs and artists match, but I can't for the life of me get the artwork! I've tried adding (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack or whatever else is in the title of the CD showing on the iTunes page.) I can't reimport the album as I no longer have the original CD - borrowed from a friend! (Did I just answer my own question...?)

I don't want to have to go in and change all the album names to the original albums the songs are found on unless I have to. (I've found that if I can't get the artwork for a particular album, I search iTunes for the same song, different album and it usually uses that artwork when I change the name of the album in my Library).

Is it impossible to get artwork sometimes? Or should I be doing something else while editing album names? Or is the editing what is preventing me from getting the correct album name, etc.?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.1), iPod Classic 80GB
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    OK...I'll spare you the sermon on "borrowing" your friend's CD. You can also get artwork by Googling (Amazon.com is a good source) for the album art. Just copy the image and paste into the Artwork tab/field under Get Info on the tracks.
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    Thank you for the info.
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    I did get that far with the artwork. My old ipod gave out on me and I was able to transfer and organize all my music to my library before it died. Now that I have my new ipod, itunes doesn't transfer all of my artwork to the ipod. Everything has artwork, do you know how to make it transfer everything?
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    Which iPod do you have?

    You could try going to the preferences under Music tab when iPod is connected (unless you have the Touch...in which case you don't have this option), scroll all the way down and uncheck Display album art on iPod. Sync. Then go back and recheck it and resync.

    If you have the Touch, you basically have to erase and then resync to try this method of straightening out your artwork.
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    It works here if I leave 'album artist' blank, enter 'Various Artists' in the 'artist' field and 'Elizabethtown' in the 'album' field. However, it's still no guarantee it will work with you, as amongst others the results depend on which country you have your iTunes account in.

    May I ask which program was used for importing?