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When I synced my iPhone to my iTunes for the first time, it added all the albums I made on the computer to my iPhone which was fine. The problem was that it also loaded a 'Photo Library' to my iPhone and I can't figure out how to delete it. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    The 'Photo Library' is just a consolidation of all of the albums you have saved on your iPhone. It is useful if you want to do a slideshow of your entire library, not just one album.

    It automaticaly appears when there is more than one album synced to the iPhone. It cannot be deleted.

    Good news is that it is not duplicating files and taking up extra memory.
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    You can't remove "Photo Library" from the iPhone since this is where all photos transferred from your computer to your iPhone are stored. The photos available in your iPhoto albums transferred to the iPhone include a pointer to the original copy that is stored in the Photo Library so the photos are not duplicated.

    The same with your iPhoto Library on your Mac. A photo cannot be available in a iPhoto album unless the photo is available in the main iPhoto library where all photos are stored. Remove a photo from the iPhoto library that is available in an iPhoto album or multiple albums and the photo will no longer be available in the album or albums. This provides for viewing select photos available in an iPhoto album only or you can view all photos available in all albums or in the entire iPhoto library by selecting the main library and the same applies to the iPhone.

    This also applies to iTunes Playlists and the main iTunes library and the Address Book application with Address Book Groups.
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    That's what I said. "I'm setting booby-traps."
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    I received a phone call when I began my post and was not aware you had already posted a reply while I finished which took a little longer than normal - there is no way of knowing this until posting.
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    I'm just joking around, Alan. You are well respected, no offense intended.

    Think about it... Data was actually saying that originally he was trying to say what she said to correct him. He was acknowledging that she was more correct than he.

    Therefore, my comment was not an insult, but a justification that you said what I was trying to say more correctly.

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    No offense taken - the more the merrier which just confirms the correct response.
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    I found out how to get rid of the duplicate "photo library". See this thread: