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this is what happened:

Comments: 'itunes could not connect to the ipod update server because you are not connected to the internet'

i am connected to the internet as i can surf the net normally and everything worked fine before christmas. i could access the store, buy and download songs. then just after christmas the store would only work if i searched an artist and not a song name. now the store works fine and i can download songs but my ipod still cant download its software update.

my flatmate's computer uses the same router to connect to the internet and her itunes was fine before and is now having probelms with the store too.

i was wondering if this is a probelm with the itunes servers at the minute or if it was a probelm with the internet connection. if so why did it work before and not now all of a sudden?

my computer runs norton (which i have tried disabled and enabled and it gets the same error message each time). ive tried the DNS flush the troubleshooting told me to try and ive also tried the run diagnostics and it says my internet connection has failed. my flatmate's computer doesnt run norton.

help is needed.

thank you

ipod classic 80GB black, Windows XP
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    this sorted my probelm:

    If you've checked and iTunes still gives this message, make sure your computer is set to "automatically detect settings." From the Start button, open Control Panel. Click Network and Internet Connections then Internet Options (or just Internet Options). Select the Connections tab and click the LAN Settings button. Select the Automatically detect settings checkbox. Click the OKs, now restart iTunes and connect your iPod. It should be able to connect to the software update server now.