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I recently erased and installed 2 of my machines with leopard. While setting them up I had changed some names, reinstalled a few times, etc...

Problem: Old names of computers that don't exist or are not even turned on show up in the "Shared" section of finder.

Tried: Wiped completely(zeroing drives) and reinstalled Leopard, but the same names still show up! Also completely reset airport and reuploaded firmware.I have tried renaming my computers to the old names that keep showing up and toggling on/off BTMM and sign in/out .mac, both with sharing, etc. on/off, and using different firewall settings.I have located a folder on my idisk with the same # of "syndication ids" as there are shared computer names, but have no permission(only.mac does) I have attempted to resolve this issue with .mac support via chat(they told me to call 1800) and email(I haven't recieved a reply, its been 2 weeks).

Theory: At some point I think these names were copied to the .mac servers as BTMM machines. Unfortunately, Apple has not given .mac users a way to unregister or clear these computers.(Similar to the way you can unregister machines for Sync, or deauthorize computer for itunes)
But I'm hoping someone here has figured out a way to reset this info. I am no expert but there must be a simple way to reset this info, via Mdns or through resetting my .mac account.

I have also tried to get my account transferred to a new .mac trial account, but they said because I used an authorization key to activate my .mac, they could not do it.(only if I had renewed...which seems suspect to me)Mind you I 've been a .mac member for years...

So in Conclusion, I have a bad taste in my mouth from .mac support, and a bunch of shared names that reference non existent computers, that I am stuck with(some of which have names of people I do not want advertised on my network)... Any help from my friends,peers, incognito apple employees?

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