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First off, I am new to itunes. Over the years i have created numerous playlists in *.m3u format and would like to import them all into itunes. Unfortunately when i go to file>import it will only import one file at a time. Dragging and dropping the playlists allows me to select all of them but when you drop them in itunes it creates one playlist that is a sum of all the song in the individual playlists.

Is it possible to get all the playlists in without resorting to importing each one individually.

Windows XP Pro
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    One of the scripts in my scripts package will add all the m3u files it finds in a directory into iTunes. Download from here:
    Extract the ZIP (teridonsitunesscripts.zip) somewhere, and run "teridonsitunesscripts.exe".

    In the window that appears, select "itunesadd_m3uplaylist" and click "Run Selected Script".

    You will have to paste in the path to the directory containing your m3u playlists. You can optionally recurse into subdirectories to find m3u playlists there.
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    thank you so much
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    Can you tell me if your script is meant to create a playlist in iTunes that is the same as the M3u or is it just meant to import the songs?

    Read below for what I'm attempting to do as so far I'm having no luck.
    Mass Importing of m3u solution needed
    I've been searching for the past week for a solution to an issue I'm having. The end goal is I want a playlist for each of my albums preferably with artist name first. Ideally I could just mass import my already created m3u playlists that I've created (about 2000 total).

    I've been looking for a tool that will recursively search a folder and sub-folders for m3u playlists and import them to itunes, but so far no luck.

    Another alternative would be something like Ephpod where you could have it create a playlist for each album or artist on your ipod, but I'm afraid to use it with my new iPod Classic.

    Any help? I'm desperate. I can't stand the thought of manually creating or importing my m3u playlists.

    I should add one thing - I have a Mini Cooper ipod interface where this iPod is going and the way they recommend using it for most convenience is creating playlists on your ipod which given the small display on the dashboard interface makes sense. I don't want to scroll through 10,000 songs when I could just scroll 'albums - artist.'
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    The end goal is I want a playlist for each of my albums


    I don't want to scroll through 10,000 songs when I could just scroll 'albums artist.

    Go to Music -> Artist -> Album or Music -> Album.
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    Sorry, did you not read my post? My Mini Cooper interface for my iPod uses playlists as the recommended method of viewing music.

    It's much easier to know what my music is when I can read it in 'Rolling Stones - 40 Licks' format versus '40 Licks.'