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So far it has been, for many people, unsolved. But I've been digging around, and one of the reasons for quicktime not being able to play flash, youtube, and all types of safari movies (including Apple's quicktime) is because on many Macs, the Mime types are simply not there.

In the Mime settings, for instance on my Mac, my Mime types are missing! None there! I've spoken to an Apple genius and they have no idea. I've reinstalled the OS and upgraded to Leopard, and they are still missing. This would explain for many users why no matter what they do or tweak, they still can't run movies in their browser. With no mime types, you simply can't play many movies on your browser.

Reinstalling Quicktime and iTunes has done nothing. upgrading has done nothing. It seems like its very deeply imbedded in the system and not included with updates.... ANY UPDATES! Even with Leopard. Apple assumes they are already there. So for those of us who are missing (possibly deleted... but I can't see how).... how do we get back these mime types and can we download them anywhere???

All mime types are missing - where can I get the original mime types?


iMac G5 1.8ghz 20 inch, Mac OS X (10.5.1)