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I've noticed a fair number of postings concerning the loss of internal speakers and internal mic after Leopard has been installed (mostly here, but a few in the Powerbook discussion area).

I've had Leopard on my 12" PB, 1.5gh, for a couple of weeks, and up until today, I've had no problems.

Last night I noticed, when I depressed the sound increase/decrease keys on my keyboard, that the sound "graphic" that popped up, would be very sluggish, unless the sound preferences pane happened to be up--then it was 'snappy'...

This afternoon, I discovered that my internal speakers and internal mic were not recognized after system bootup. The bootup chime was there, ok, so I knew that I didn't have a hardware problem. The sound preference pane indicated that there were no internal speakers or mic to select.

After repairing permissions, I reinstalled the 10.5.1 Combo update, and restarted. This allowed my speakers and mic to be recognized by my system again. The sound graphic is still sluggish, however...I'm wondering if I'm going to lose the speakers and mic again, sometime down the road.

Any thoughts out there on what might be going on, or what is driving the speaker control to be sluggish unless the sound preference pane is displayed?


(posted in the PowerBook area as well)

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    I suggest looking at the activity monitor for a clue.
    Also check the system logs and the console.
    Do you have any 3rd party sound apps/drivers, etc. running?
    You might also see if resetting the PRAM helps regarding the internal speakers/mike and also the sound level keys.
    You should also check the sound setting in the Preferences window.
    What you are experiencing is not directly Leopard-related for several reason - first in only happened recently and secondly it seems to be intermittent.
    It could also be your sound preference .plist is corrupted. You might see if trashing it helps any.
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    Hi nerowolfe,

    Thanks for the response.

    Actually, I checked the items you mentioned before reapplying the 10.5.1 combo update. Nothing obvious running in Activity Monitor, and no wayward running processes showing up in the console. Resetting the PRAM did originally bring back the Sound control in the upper right-hand side of the window, but didn't bring back the speakers or mic... No third-party sound apps running...

    I had also trashed the sound preference plist, to no avail.

    After applying the 10.5.1 update, the speaker volume graphic got sluggish again after a couple of minutes, so I muted and unmuted the output sound. Also re-selected the output alert sound, which seemed to fix the problem.

    Two minutes or so later, things got sluggish again. I played a quicktime movie to see what the audio would do. Played just fine, and as a plus, the sound volume change graphic seems to be running at the normal rate... We'll see how long this lasts.

    (it's been about 15 minutes since I did the above "fix" and things are still running ok...)

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    It's always possible that it's a bad sound card although that's rare.
    I don't know if there are any diagnostics on the Leopard DVD or online for testing the sound hardware, but you might check into that.
    If the problem returns, open the About This Mac and in the Hardware section see if everything looks OK.
    You might also check your MIDI setup to see if it is either correctly set up.
    Do you use Airport to stream audio to an Airport remote?
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    I looked a bit more closely at my Activity Monitor, and discovered a process, coreaudiod, eating up a bit more processor that it probably should have been, whenever I pressed a sound up/down key.

    As a result, I figured a problem might have developed with my coreaudio process, so I used Pacifist to re-install the coreaudio from my Leopard disk, and then re-installed the combined update 10.5.1 again.

    Everything seems to be running hunky dory now.

    As to why things went catty-wompus (sp?) in the first place... It's a mystery to me.

    Thanks for suggesting the Activity Monitor...I don't know that I would have gone back to it again, had you not suggested it.