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Hello all,
I currently run Parallels on my MBP using XP in bootcamp. However following installation, my computer will only open .dmg through parallels, setting Windows Explorer as the default application for opening them. I have checked DiskImage Mounter and it seems that I can't even open that in my mac. diskimagemounter.exe and diskimagemounter.ink are both set as windows explorer files. I was wondering if any of you have any idea how it has defaulted like this. If I right click on a file and go to "Open with" my options are to open it with Excel 2008 and Quicktime.... Weird.... I have no idea how to solve this.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.1), 2.4 GHz, Matte, 2 GB Ram
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    i know. for mine when i "open" those downloaded files, either Photoshop or Microsoft word comes up.
    Usually displaying nothing. i don't know how to open those things properly. Plus and programs i download, i don't know how to activate them.... for window xp, it automatically start...
    i'm just so dumbfounded...
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    the diffrence between you and me is that, an actual application in XP on bootcamp through Parallels is defaulted to open my downloaded .dmg files. My Mac Officialy can't open .dmg arghaero;g

    btw im on Leapord 10.5.1

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    File-application associations are handled by LaunchServices. You can reset the LaunchServices database using a utility such as Onyx. After you do that, you will be asked to identify an application the first time you open a new file type.

    You can also manually manage file associations in Mac OS using a preference pane called RCDefaultApp:


    Hope this helps...
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    Crammarc wrote:
    Hello all,
    diskimagemounter.exe and diskimagemounter.ink are both set as windows explorer files

    First, these are windows files. A windows executable (program) and a windows shortcut (link). They should be set to open in windows and cannot be opened on Mac OS.'

    Second, you can easily change file type associations. Just select the file in Finder, click on File >Get Info..., and then where it says 'Open With:', select the appropriate application and then click the 'Change All' button to set the default program.
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    Oh, and you want to associate the DMG files with diskimagemounter in /System/Library/Core Services.