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Hey, is it possible to have or get a permanent wireless connection for your iPod touch or do u have to choose a wireless connection everywhere you go?

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    You have to choose a wireless connection wherever you go, unless you live somewhere where they've blanketed WiFI across the city.
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    well unless you have your wireless router strapped to your back with a really long chord, its going to change... i cant use my home wireless network when i'm in the city.. i can only use it at home... so no you can't, because as soon as you get out of range of the router, it will disconnect
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    You need to be in a hotspot. Otherwise you might want to look at the iPhone. From what I understand though, major cities are trying to implement a citywide WiFi which would be great for Touch users =)
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    Hello and Welcome to Apple Discussions. WiFi range is typically 35m (indoors, a little more outside) but still it is not a technology suitable to truly mobile platforms. In a city centre you will probably find a large number of hotspots (some of which will cost) but if you need wireless anywhere then the iPhone is a more suitable product.


    Alternatively look at a mobile broadband set-up on a laptop.



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    There are a couple other things that I have found that weren't mentioned....

    First, if you connect to an AP, the iPod Touch seems to "remember" it, and it will connect again if it is within range, regardless of the "Ask to Join Networks" setting. This seems to also work with secured AP's for which you have defined a password. For example, if I am at home, my iPod Touch auto-connects my secured AP simply by turning on WiFi. When I go over to my brother-in-law's house, it auto-connects to his secured AP in the same way. I don't have to do anything--it just connects. And in both places, there are other secured and unsecured AP's in the area, but the iPod Touch seems to "auto-choose" the one to which I have previously connected. And FYI, I keep "Ask to Join Networks" set to "Off".

    Second, you can tailor things a bit in that if you can tell the iPod Touch to "forget" an AP connection. I believe you need to connect to the AP first, but once connected, just tap the ">>" next to the connection in the list, and then tap the "Forget this network" button. You won't auto-connect in the future. And this also seems to work for both secured and not-secured AP's.

    So for me, my settings give me the following:

    1. When I'm within range of a known AP I've already used, it auto-connects if WiFi is turned on.

    2. When I'm not within range of known AP, I just get a nice list of available AP's from which I can choose.

    Now, if Apple would only provide a simple icon to toggle WiFi on and off instead of having to go into Settings, that would be STELLAR!
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    How can I get my wifi to come on if my symbol (wifi) is showing, it selects it...I put in my WAP passcode, but it still never connects to the internet. When I go under settings for the wireless network chosen, it has the first two fields filled out automatically, But there are several other fields that are blank...(DNS, Client ID, etc). Information on configuring these screens are found no where in the 60page manual I downloaded and read. It's just very frustrating that syncing my computer to the itouch wouldn't automatically determine that I want the itouch on my wireless network. I love the itouch so far but I have been playing with this since Christmas and can't get it to work. (gift from hubbie). However, my $200 30gb Zune is much easier to operate, and I got it for sale for only $99 on Black Friday. Why would the $300 mored advanced Ipod not be easier to operate. Sorry for venting, but frustrated with not being able to enjoy the features in my expensive ipod that set it apart from all the others.