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Hi, I dropped my iPod Touch in the sink not too long ago (maybe 2 weeks?) I immediatly took it out, and wrapped it in a towel, left it sitting on my couch for 2 weeks. I plugged it in (both computer and wall adapter) and it won't turn on!! I REALLY want my iPod to work again . Is there a way i can send it to Apple and have them fix it? (I'd pay a fee) or am I screwed and have to get a new one?


Windows Vista
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    Mac OS X
    Dropping in water may not covered by the warranty. But worth a try

    Consider setting up a mail-in repair for your iPod http://depot.info.apple.com/ipod/
    Or visit your local Apple Retail Store http://www.apple.com/retail/

    2 weeks !!!! seems your iPod Touch is in RIP
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    try turning your oven onto like 150 degrees, and with the door open, just set on on the rack towards the front of the oven.. leave it there for awhile, let the dry, warm air try to pull as much moisture out of there as possible. if the screen foggs up ( i dont know if it even can or if its too sealed), then you know theres water in there and it may be shorting out
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    it's been sitting in a towel for 2 weeks, i think all moisture is gone...
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    Not necessarily, if you live somewhere humid, chances are it won't- and the towel just trapped humidity. I'd try the oven method, worked with my 5th Gen back when...
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    ok...i will try after my mom is done baking cakes >.<
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    Good luck. I would try the oven method. Water is surprising not that bad for electronics unless there is electricity flowing through the circuits. In fact I cleaned a PC motherboard in water once. The only way you might have a problem is if there was an electric current when the water hit the contacts. You might have fried something. 2 weeks in such a tightly packed component may not have been enough to get the water out.
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    Dropping in water is definately not covered under warranty.

    You might look into a third-party repair service - they may be able to help you. I see iresq recommended a lot on these forums.

    Good luck.

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    I agree that this is a great way to dry out electronics. As said set your oven to warm (no more than 100 degrees or so) and leave the door open so it maintains the temperature. A towel will not get out the moister from inside the unit. I've heard of this solution working for Palms as well as for radios.
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    I don't know if this will work for a touch, but my cousin has a shuffle and has put it through the wash twice. Put your touch in a jar and submerge it in salt for about 24 hours. Salt is a great way to dry something out. My cousin did it and his shuffle still works so you might want to give that a try.
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    The key point remains:-

    The only way you might have a problem is if there was an electric current when the water hit the contacts. You might have fried something
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    I have the same problem except in a more latter stage on tuesday i left my ipod touch in my shorts and it went to the washing machine i let it dry, and it turned on but it seemed like their was water inside the screen looked like a pool... So i tried Wrapping it in a towel and putting it over a toaster but i appreantly set it to high because i looked away for about 5 mins and the towel was on fire... i ran to the sink and Put out the towel but now the ipod touch has the wi fi antenna burnt its sorta disfigured along with the hold button. It only turns on when i plug it into charge.. ( is their anything i can do? anything at all.. this was my last gift for the year... and i rely heavily on my ipod

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