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I have a 20Gb ipod classic and a ibookg4 and woke up this morning to the dreaded folder ! sign and the support web address flashing on my screen.

I followed the directions on support, doing the 5 r's- and when trying to restore my ipod to the factory settings, got the message that my ipod could not be restored (error 1429). I trashed and then downloaded itunes again, restarting my computer, and was then able to restore my ipod-

the problem is, as soon as it says "Your Ipod has been restored", it flashed right back to "Your ipod is corrupted" and I had to do the whole process over again.

Nothing has helped. I have deleted and downloaded itunes, I've tried eveything I can think of and my ipod sounds ill... it keeps booting up and then quitting, booting up, then quitting...

so my question is- anything I haven;t thought of? And, if the only left is sending it away to get it fixed, does anyone know how much I'm looking at? It may just be easier to buy new...

thanks much!