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    I just wanted to add that I have been looking for a VOD solution with subtitles and nobody is hearing impaired in my family (well the kids seem to be at times when it suits them)...

    Often if I want to watch a movie with my wife without waking up the kids, I need to lower the volume and there can be subtle dialogue that is missed without the captions. Especially if the movie is heavy with slang, etc.

    So basically, people shouldn't limit the market for this feature to hearing impaired only...
  • Luck Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    Thank you, Adam, for pitching my site

    Anyhow, the link is good but I have also registered . It maybe a little bit easier to remember.

    I also learned that the closed-captioned movies on the Apple TV might not be captioned on iTunes. I am starting another list just for Apple TV.
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    may I add another argument to this thread ?
    Besides the fact that there is a sizable number of customers that have to rely on closed captions for most of the movie titles there is certainly a large number of people that need it because they are not native speakers !!!
    They would also greatly benefit from this option.
    Come on Apple, this is not so hard
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    I agree with you about movies. I would like to make sure captions for TV shows should be considered as well. I downloaded the second episode of Sarah Connor- Terminator's TV Show onto my Apple iTouch / iTunes and it was not captioned, even though the captioning option was already turned on via iTouch's Settings as well as with iTunes. I look forward to splurging my money over those movies and TV Shows only if they are successfully captioned on both iTouch and iTunes.
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    I want to add my argument for subtitles. I spend much of my year living in my Mexican home, surrounded by my Mexican friends who do not speak English. The option of Spanish subtitles, now available on most DVD rentals, would be a great boon to me. And wouldn't it open things up for Mexican apple users as well?
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