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I'm disappointed to see that the 1.1.3 update doesn't address the iPod Touch deficiencies with handling podcasts. I've got to believe one of two things:
1. Podcast listeners must be a very small minority of Apple customers to be ignored in the design of the touch and iphone.
2. I'm being a moron and overlooking something obvious.

Because #2 is quite probable, can anyone answer the following:

1. Is there any way to see an episode description of a podcast? This is possible on the iPod classic and earlier models. I assume its possible on the nano. Its beyond me how Apple can leave this off of the touch considering the big screen and the fact that descriptions take little storage space.

2. Is there a good way to fast forward and reverse in small increments? The fixed width slider bar is useless for this. This should have been obvious to their UI designers. How did the company that had so much success with the click wheel get this so wrong on the touch and iphone?!?

3. Is there a way to see the full title of a podcast? Titles are truncated at about 30 chars.

Thanks for answers and suggestions!

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    I dont have any answers to your q's, sorry, but I have a q. How do you manually sync a podcast? Every time I drag and drop (after 1st of all ticking the manual sync button in the control panel) nothing appears in the podcast library BUT if I drag and drop to a playlist I created called podcast1 it appears!
  • St Poddy Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    I sync individual podcasts through iTunes by clicking 'download' on individual episodes and then letting it sync with the rest. I haven't tried this with 1.1.3 yet though. Looks like you're not the only one seeing this problem. Look for the discussion thread titled 'Podcast Problems'.
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    A1: no! you can't view the podcast description. I share your bewilderment about apple's removal of this feature.
    A2: you can fast forward, rewind by holding down the forward/back button.. (in 1.1.3 anyway). I was very happy to find this!!
    A3: No, again, apple decided that podcast users are not important and can be ignored.

    I'm not sure if the Jan Upgrade fixes these BUGS, but I don't feel like paying for bug fixes - even Microsoft don't make you pay for bug fixes (granted - they make you buy a new OS with new ones!!).

    Are you a moron? sorry can't help you there!!
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    The lack of the episode description info on the iPod touch is rather annoying. I just sent them a feedback about it, and I suggest you do the same.
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    Thanks for pointing out the use of the FF/Rev icons. I didn't know this and its an improvement over trying to use the slider bar. This technique works for video as well. Thanks again!