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OK, i need to get my phone out of recovery mode. The thing is, i do NOT want to restore my iPhone to factory settings, i have so much stuff on there like notes and calendar dates and text messages and contacts that i have put in since my last update. Is my only option to go ahead with the restore or is there another way to get my phone out of recovery mode? Is there a way to save my data?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Try a reset by holding down both the power button and home key for about 15 seconds or until you see the apple logo in the middle of the phone. This will not remove any data on your phone.
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    I had exactly same problem and when I called apple i-phone support, she told me to select restore the phone but all the data should be in the i-phone backup and will not be deleted.
    I followed her directions and I could restore my phone without deleting any of my stored musics, photos, and other info.

    The tricky thing is after you click the restore, it showed the error message and you need to unplug your i-phone from the computer and restart your computer again. Then open the i-tune without connecting your i-phone. Once you open i-tune, connect your i-phone then restore again.
    After restore the i-phone, it ask you to backup or set as new phone. Choose backup from your i-phone. Then all your data should be restored.

    Whole process takes about half hour but all your data should be recovered from the i-phone backup folder.