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    This is most definitely an issue that is " NOT SOLVED." This issue can arise from beta or unofficial released software. It's not always your hardware!
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    i have a problem on my iphone 4 where i cant hear anything and no one can hear me in calls even if i have headset on, and im sure its not a headset issue. The problem have been occuring since my 1st call when i got the phone (3 days ago), and the problem have been coming and going I don't know what is the problem.
    I reset & restore & reboot & restart and done every possible thing and still the problem occurs, can anyone PLEAAASE help me? and is it possible to replace the phone outside the country of purchase ? Its a factory unlocked Iphone bought from germany, can it be replaced from apple Egypt ?
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    What's the serial number so i can call my Apple Support tech? I can take a look at it at no charge and hopefully fix it. Could possibly be a hardware issue such as the audio headphone jack flex, which cost around $10-15 for the part and $40-50 for the install. Have you tried the voice memos app. and tried to record something? Also in the voice memos, play it in both modes which are default(automatic) and then hit the speaker option. What happens?
    -JonnyDrex ( jonnydrexel )
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    its not a hardware issue because when there is no sound in calls, other applications like skype works perfectly, and the voice memo is working greater through speakers and receiver.
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    Oops, I didn't know there was an open topic about this problem.

    I opened another discussion where I sum up every infos I could get on "stuck in headphone mode" problem. In my case it is probably hardware related (headphone mode true when iPhone get warm, back to normal after a quiet cool down (5mn)).

    Hope to get some feedback from you guys.
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    Real quickly like i'll just like to add a few things to this issue.

    I had the same issue, but it was only dealing with phone calls, everything else worked fine, but making a phone could only be done through speaker phone or headset. *MOST ANNOYING* THING EVER, ever.

    Most of the fixes mentioned (besides the cottom swab thingy, because if you have a warranty, not a good idea) will work eventually at some point. At first unplugging it and pluggin' it back in worked buuuutt, that eventually became insufficient. So I tried everything mention on this thread besides the swab and finally one more plug back in and out worked, but just to let everyone know --

    You'll know it worked if u got the headphones in your ear and when u unplug it, you'll hear it pop or somthin like that. If you hear that, you can be confident when you make a call, you'll hear it through your phone speaker as intended.

    Also, being 24 years old, i basically had headphones on my head my whole life, and not taking away from Apple's build, but in my experience, "jack sex" can be pretty bad, doin to much wiggling and so forth can possibly do more harm than good. Just thought i'll add that lil two cents.

    Best of luck to everyone

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    Right guys - I've been looking into this problem for a while now and I have FINALLY found a solution thanks to baboom at the gsmhosting forum, but it's extremely tricky, not exactly ideal and really needs a new part (if anyone can give any more info on what part this is and where to get it please let everyone know).

    First of all this is a HARDWARE DEFECT on the LOGIC BOARD with this tiny transistor Don't let apple say that YOU did something wrong or that YOU broke it. There is a defect in the transistor highlighted that controls the headphone mode on or off which has gotten damaged by apple in the manufacturing process. It is very easy to damage this part when soldering because the heat damage point of the part is higher than the soldering temperature, which is probably what has happened in the apple factory in a small percentage of cases. It kicks it into headphones mode when the part heats up, i.e the phone gets hot (possibly due to the resistance)

    If your phone goes into headphones mode when it gets hot, the only solution is to replace the part with a very fine soldering iron, but I have no real idea which transistor part it is (I've read it's an MMBT8099LT1 but this is unconfirmed). What you can do for now is bridge the two solder points on the left of the transistor in the picture and your phone will NEVER go into headphones mode - this means even when you plug headphones in. This is annoying, but less annoying than having to talk to people on speakerphone or not hear the sound on youtube videos and is the solution for now until we can find out what transistor it is or where to buy it. Hopefully Apple will RECOGNISE this problem and extend warranties to phones that have this defect, if not there is still hope.

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    I can't believe this worked! It boggles my mind but I tried EVERYTHING else to no avail.
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    My iPhone4 got stuck in "headphones" mode yesterday. I had been using iTunes to play a song (without headphones) the day before yesterday and then I accidentally dropped it onto some snow at a ski resort. I think that the combination of iTunes being in some forgotten mode using the speaker and the phone getting a wet signal from the headphones jack did the switch to stuck in "headphones" mode.

    I propose that Apple gives us all a software update fix that allows us to force the phones back into "normal" mode when we break our leg on the ski slopes and need to call in a helicopter. After that they should check out what heat and or water can do inside the jack to activate the headphones sensor and come up with a real fix.

    Bye the way I got the iPhone4 back into normal mode at home by inserting and removing a miniplug to the iPhone. I guess I will have to keep a miniplug in my pocket in case of emergency ... or better yet I will only do dangerous things to a soundtrack with headphones on.
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    When I started playing an app and when I figure out that it says "Headphones" I tried to plug and unplug but it just won't work...
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    After using (various models of) iPhones for years without any problems, my already replaced iPhone4 now has this extremely annoying issue. Already tried blowing out the holes with compressed air, sucking on the headphone-input, repairing software, everything. Long story short: this *****.
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    I just tried this as well. And as stupid as I looked to my office mates. It worked! Now I just have to deal with the comments related to how much better things work after I suck on them.
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    *Just read this!*
    Inhale into your headphone jack for like 5-10 seconds. And Viola!
    This is the only thing that worked for me.
  • James French1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Thanks Delkow.
    I got my iPhone 4 damp earlier today and it was locked in headphone mode. None of the other suggestions worked but I did one long suck of air through the headphone socket and it instantly solved the problem.
    Brilliant - thanks again!
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    This has to be the dumbest iphone problem ive ever encountered and the dumbest solution that actually works.

    Suck air through the socket and problem gone
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