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Anyone streaming from a Netgear (Infrant) ReadyNAS NV+ to their Apple TV - I've been thinking about buying one but don't seem to be able to find out if their iTunes slim server will support an Apple TV. Yes, I know about the new Time Capsule - but I didn't see any mention of streaming content, I already have an Airport Exteme, and I like the redundancy RAID5 would bring.

SONY VAIO PCV-RX270DS, Windows XP Pro, 1gb Airport Extreme and 40gb Apple TV
  • Alley_Cat Level 6 (19,190 points)
    Someone asked this question in relation to another NAS with an iTunes server.

    The consensus was that unless the manufacturer had specifically said it would work with AppleTv it would be unlikely too.

    How for instance would you register AppleTV code with the NAS device?

    iTunes libraries tend to share via Bonjour technology, and although AppleTV may use this in part it doesn't just work with any old iTunes servers on the network, only those that it specifically registers with.

    Perhaps a matter of time before this sort of thing works, but i doubt it does yet.

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    To be honest AC even if the manufacturer specifically claims it will work with the tv without a mac/pc running itunes, I'd be very doubtful it does.
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    Surely if they said it would work with AppleTV they'd be falling foul of trade description type legislation if it didn't?

    Not heard any manufacturers claiming it would work but I'd imagine that would be the only sceanario I'd consider trying one with AppleTV.

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    Mmmm, seen quite a few descriptions of these from manufacturers who state them to be itunes servers. The problem is for me who knows they won't work for serving the tv content without the presence of a computer it's clear enough they don't actually claim this. But for anyone who isn't fully aware of this fact many of the manufacturers can appear to be claiming it works.... hope you know what I mean.
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    I have a ReadyNAS NV+... I am streaming to the Apple TV via 802.11

    Works flawlessly... however, I am not using Slim Server. I have my iTunes library located on the NAS. The only downside I have is that I have to have iTunes running. Not a big deal. Especially with rentals .... I doubt it would work if it could just run with Slim Server.
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    yes, i have readynas nv+ and i stream all my movies from it to apple thru apple extreme router ofcourse. i lost my 500 movies the other day due to stupid netgear who put up a new version of nv firmware and i did an upgrade, restart the router and the next thing knew was spending 3 days with netgear tech support and got no where. the drive became a paper weight. had to reformat all the drive to get it to run again. but it is a good product. works great with mac
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    This still needs a desktop or laptop running iTunes though right? I mean you are not streaming directly from NAS to AppleTV with no other hardware or software involved are you?
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    I have a NV+... I'll let you know how well it works.