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This isnt like other peoples problems where they forgot to turn off the lock or all they needed to do is reset.....that is not my problem...At first it was not doing anything except going into a screen saying please wait very low abttery but it wouldnt charge at all no matter how long i left it....then i brought it over to a friends house and used his ac charger and finally it started to work then we went on the ocmputer and it was registering in iTunes....finally i thought my luck was improving but suddenly it all went downhill....iTunes said that i should update my ipods software to version 1.24 i believe and i said 'Update'. It then reseted my ipod and showed the loading screen for updates...the apple logo and a bar that fills on the bottom. But after about 20 sec it stopped filling the bar and the backlight went out and wouldnt come back on. I waited for about 30 min and it still hadnt done anything so i had nothing to do except to do a reset. I reset it and suddenly it would do anything at was fully charged at the time so i know it has battery power but it wont turn on, reset, show the apple logo, go into wont do anything but show a blank screen.....not a powered blank screen just a screen of the ipod when it is turned apple logo....i cant eset it or do anything. I think that the OS or firmware was just fried and now it has no commands that are registered at doesnt even know how to boot up. Also my warranty just ran out a month ago(how convenient). I don't think that anyone can fix this at all. So dont tell me to reset it. Also the lock isnt on.

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    Okay, I won't tell you to reset it, but did you RESTORE it?
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    I cant restore wont do anything at doesnt show up on my computer so if i can do anything it has to be a manual(physical) thing that i must do. I think i fried the chips when the firmware upgrade failed and froze.
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    There is a girl here at my job who has a 3rd Gen. Nano and i always have to restore hers. So that might work, its worth a try.
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    My older 4th gen ipod did the EXACT same thing your's has done. It won't do anything now!

    It seems lots of people on here have had troubles stemming from trying to restore (or is that reset, the one you do in itunes) their ipod after downloading the recent new itunes.

    Mine's a brick now too! And of course, no warrantee left on it.
    Did you recently download the new itunes too?
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    Oh man, if that update fried part of it, we're all in for a heck of time getting things straightened out.

    I was scared crapless this morning, but now that soooo many people have had the same thing I feel better--misery in numbers? Or perhaps this will lead to some quick action by apple.
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    ya i got the newest form of itunes which caused part of my problem becuase it wanted me to update my ipod...and yup it does feel a little better when you know that others are suffering the exact same thing....might aswell order a new classic or just buy a new logic board or hdd.
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    I've got this problem. is there any way I can email them about this?
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    I have the same problem as well with my fifth generation video. I also got the message to update my ipod's software, did that, got the status bar and everything seemed to be going well. I got the message that my ipod needed to restart. Now the black apple logo screen is flashing and the ipod is making funky clicking noises. My computer doesn't even recognize that the ipod is connected to it. Out of warranty, of course...
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    i dont know....maybe there is an apple store near you...not me i live in canada and there is only 4 stores in canada
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    nope it wont work for me...ive taken it apart and connected everything again...but to no avail. It must be the chips...
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    when you went to a friend's and plugged it in to an AC charger it charged, correct? And it wouldn't charge when connected to your computer? And after charging it with an AC charger, you then did several things including update the firmware.

    Try borrowing the AC charger again. Or use the power brick that came with the iPod and the connector cable that came with the iPod to charge it.

    -When plugging it in to your computer, are you using firewire or USB?
    -Have you applied any hacks to your iPod?
    -Software you downloaded from the web (not Apple)?
    -Illicit games from p2p?
    -Are you using a third party (non Apple) application to manage music?

    I'm asking a lot of questions, but that's because my 1G, 3G, 4G, and 5G iPods are all working fine, so I really doubt the firmware update from Apple did it.

    That it wouldn't charge from the computer leads me to think that there is something either that you are doing or that the iPod is not doing that is preventing it from charging.
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    first of all i did test the ac charger and it did nothing. i havent done anything to do with homebrew or any games. i have only used itunes, and i have kept good care of it. i have nvr done any hacks to it. the things started acting weird one time that i charged it but then like i said it started working fine until it was doing a firmware update where it completely died. it is not the battery and it would still do something even if for only a second if it was the HDD but it didnt even do anything. so it must be the circuit baord got fried hen i updatd it.
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    I tried to connect my IPOD to my computer. The "Do no disconnect" screen came up. Then it just stopped. My iTUnes never opened the summary page. It won't turn off or anything. It's been frozen for 3 hours. I tried plugging it back into the computer, but iTunes still didn't open the summary page. My computer made the connected sound, but my IPOD is still frozen.
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