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  • Musashi Strebe Level 1 Level 1
    I'm also having the same problem with my 5th Gen.
    Everything worked perfectly until I lost my iPod at school. Once I got it back (a miracle in itself), I noticed it wouldn't power on. I figured I'll just charge it in the car. After a long while charging through the car, I tried playing a song. It goes into the song screen (where your song info appears with the time bar), but the time bar doesn't move. It's the same deal with video. And then the iPod dies.
    Back home, I try to connect to iTunes, but I get the Do Not Disconnect icon, it freezes, and I have to reset. Meanwhile, iTunes doesn't see a thing. Then the iPod goes into Very Low Battery, and it's stuck at that since.
    A couple things I found out about the condition of the iPod:
    Diagnostics mode doesn't work. I've tried many times to get into DM, but it just doesn't work.
    Starting up in Disk mode lets me connect to my computer. From there I proceeded to restore. After restoring though, things are still messed up, so it's not a software problem.
    Charging through the wall *kind of* works, while charging through the computer doesn't seem to work at all.

    I should also mention that whenever I'm charging the iPod, the battery indicator shows the right icon (battery with lightning). But when I disconnect, the entire battery icon disappears. IE, no battery icon, no lightning icon, nothing.

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  • kimmyoats Level 1 Level 1
    My Ipod is dead as well and I am really ******!
    How did you get yours apart to get to the battery?
    Is it possible to just replace the battery?
  • Scott P. Level 6 Level 6
    Alright. Well, we had to cover all the basics.

    All too often some homemade junk is at the core of the issue and no one wants to mention that

    Unless you unplugged it during the update or your computer unexpectedly shut down during it, I'm not ready to believe that the updater did this, as except for here, I know of no one personally whose iPod died because of the last firmware update. Not saying it couldn't be true, but if it were bad, I'd expect to see it more widespread than this.However, it is possible that your iPod conked out in the middle of the update and the firmware is incomplete. I'll look around for others who have had that experience.

    That said, there's hope. What about using one of those third party apps. YamiPod is free. If you download that and run it, then plug in the iPod, maybe it will see the iPod? Also, if we can get a third party app to see the iPod, that means we could use something (like AlterPod) to try and load a complete version of the firmware.

    I had an older iPod that someone swore was broken. And sure enough, it would load the Apple logo and go no further no matter what we did. Until I used the old iPod Updater software and loaded on the original firmware. Then it worked like a charm. So let's see if we can replicate that. I'm not so familiar any more with apps for Windows, so a Google search might find you what we need.

    The other thing is to make friends with a Mac owner. Seriously. If you have a friend with a Mac, try hooking it up to their computer. Sometimes an iPod formatted for Windows that is unresponsive might be seen by a Mac, or the other way around. Done that a few times, too.
  • Scott P. Level 6 Level 6
    One more thing...
    (I love saying that here)

    It's a longshot, but let's try getting the iPod into its diagnostic settings. Probably won't go if it's completely unresponsive, but hey, let's not give it up until we've tried.

    the instructions from Apple are here"
  • Musashi Strebe Level 1 Level 1
    Ok... Interesting.
    So I decided to take my iPod apart, since it's a brick anyway
    I got to the point where I disconnected the battery, the hard drive, and the headphone jack cables.
    Since it looked like it would get more messy from there, I put it all back together again. Now the iPod is behaving fine...
    So if I had to take a guess, when I lost my iPod, it was dropped and the drop shook something loose.
    I guess I'm saying maybe you guys should try what I did?
  • LOck-doWN Level 1 Level 1
    the thing is that it doesnt give me a chance to go into DM. It wont show any flicker, any logo, just as if it was off. That is why i think the chips are messed up since they control the functions including I/O and power. so if they dont work then nothing will happen which looks like the case
  • tabbyb Level 1 Level 1
    Ok...seems like this is a common issue. I did the "download updates" for the latest version of itunes and the rest is history. My ipod started the updating process w/ the status bar on the screen but then froze up w/ the Apple icon. Then started clicking and flashing the icon while the lighting up and then blacking out. What now? My itunes does not recognize the ipod, my external radio/ipod player does not recognize either. However when i do plug in the ipod to either computer or external source, it starts the apple/clicking/lighting issue up but dies after a few minutes. Other than does nothing. I have no warrenty and the ipod is a little overa year old. I have been having issues off and on with my ipod getting stuck. PLease let me know what to do...I love my ipod and will be heart broken if its shot!!
  • Musashi Strebe Level 1 Level 1
    Lock-Down, it sounds like your issues were the same as mine. I think there's a wire loose in there, and if you'd be comfortable taking your iPod apart, I'd suggest trying. It worked for me. e-1/Hard-Drive
    I went only as far as disconnecting the hard drive, then worked backwards.
  • paganblood Level 1 Level 1
    Last night I took my ipod apart again(even though before I lost the thing that locks the battery's ribbon cable in) and I unplugged everything then plugged in the hard drive again and held the battery in place and I saw the first flicker of life. All it did was flash but thats more than its done in a while
  • Musashi Strebe Level 1 Level 1
    Well if you lost the tab.... That ribbon isn't going to stay in. You might have to get a new ipod. Or if you can, a new tab.
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