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Hey all,
I have a Black MacBook 3,1 with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz and 4GB of ram.
Anytime OS X plays a sound, (system alert, music, videos etc..) there is some static noises that turns on when the audio plays and then shuts off when the audio stops. I don't have this problem when I boot up into Windows XP with bootcamp, so I have a feeling it is with the audio driver in OS X 10.5.1

Can anyone tell me how I can reinstall the driver?

macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
  • Templeton Peck Level 9 Level 9 (59,895 points)
    You don't reinstall individual drivers with OS X. You reinstall the entire OS, as the driver might not be your problem.
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    I had the same problem with my Macbook 3,1 .Did you find any solution? I look forward for a update from Apple but till now nothing and so many are complening about this.Please let me know if there is any solution.I reinstall also the system but the noise is back.With windows instaled there is no this noise and that means is a software problem and not a hardware.
    See you