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mr man45 Level 1 (0 points)
I just got my new macbook that comes with lepared and all other cool stuff. However, i got a 30 day trial of microsoft word. I thought all macs come with microsfot word allready full installed. Can someone help me so i dont have to pay over 100$ to get microsoft word?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
  • Niel Level 10 (298,586 points)
    Only the trial versions of Microsoft Office and iWork are included with a new Mac. You need to pay for the full versions of those software packages.

  • dndrich Level 1 (135 points)
    There is a wonderful open source free office suite that can read and write just fine using the Microsoft formats. It is called NeoOffice, and can be found at


    This works well, and is free.
  • JoeyR Level 6 (8,280 points)
    I'm not really aware of any computer manufacturer that ships their computers with full retail versions of Word... unless you have actually paid in the order process to have it installed. Just about every computer I have ever worked with comes with trial versions installed. There isn't anything posted on Apple's site... or anywhere else... that says you get anything other than the trial version of Office with a MacBook.

    I would second the previous post. NeoOffice is an excellent office suite. Quite frankly, it's pretty amazing that you can get such a comprehensive office suite for free. NeoOffice is based on OpenOffice which was developed by Sun years ago. It is opensource and updated regularly to keep pace with compatibility with Microsofts every changing formats.