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Any thoughts? Is there an overall winner??

Dual 2Ghz G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • Thomas Bryant Level 6 Level 6 (13,865 points)
    Hi! Yes, Diskwarrior! Each utility works in a little different way but since 99% of all disk problems are directory problems and Diskwarrior is the undisputed leader in repairing directories I vote for DiskWarrior! Tom
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    Two different animals....
    Drive Genius is a hard drive utility. It's repair and enhancement functions are limited to hard drives only. TechTool is a hardware utility. Techtool is a diagnostic tool for all onboard systems.

    For hard drive repair, Drive Genius would be the preferred tool. But, for repairs only, Drive genius lags behind the best repair tool, DiskWarrior.

    So, it's not a question of which is better. It's a question of what you want the software to do.
  • Thomas Bryant Level 6 Level 6 (13,865 points)
    Ah! I couldn't agree more but most folks problems are directory problems and most won't buy all three although I use two out of the three. Tom
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    Yep, and the two would be DiskWarrior and Techtool.
    Drive Genius is good, but really doesn't do much that can't be covered with Disk Utility, DiskWarrior, and Techtool.
    And we know that if DW can't fix a drive, then it's time for a new install/drive.
  • Thomas Bryant Level 6 Level 6 (13,865 points)
    Amen! heck if everyone took our advice and purchased TTP and DW there wouldn't be as many problems around here and we wouldn't have anything to do! Tom
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    I concur with Tom and japamac, DiskWarrior as the first choice and TechToolPro when you can swing it.
    I use DiskWarrior often, but only use TTP a few times a year.
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    Ok, ... so. I had my main (OS drive) drive go out on me after a power outage while I was in the middle of a de-fragment. I had to start up on an external eDrive and the main drive didn't mount. Tech tool said the directory data was bad and had to be rebuilt, and that there would be less data present than in the bad directory. I ran Data Rescue II and copied all the files that it could find onto another drive.

    So my question is if the best thing to do next would be to have Disk warrior fix the damaged directory data and try to replace the missing files with the ones that Data rescue found?
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    If you are going to be able to salvage the directory, Diskwarrior is your best hope.
    I have yet to have a loss of data from directory repair/replacement with Diskwarrior. Replacing missing files shouldn"t be necessary. But, if it is, it sounds like you are ready....
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    It looks like after using Disk Warrior to repair the volume structures, almost every thing is gone. The people at MicroMat told me that if on the rare occasion you have power interruption during a de-fragment and directory data is what HAPPENS to be being moved at that moment, it is possible to lose the disk.

    So now I think there might be some problems with the files that Data Rescue II copyed. Can any one recommend an app that might put those files in better shape. I already have TechTool, is that all I need?
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    This is one of those cases where the whole story with the whole problem first would have really helped.
    Don't know what to say-try more data recovery......what does Techtool say? Reformat and install?

    Needless to say, I hope that if you didn't have backup, you learned your lesson...backup, backup, backup.

    And to all others, NEVER use any disk/hardware utility without first having a current backup.
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    TTP's defragger blows. The best defragger is iDefrag


    If DW won't fix it and you need to recover the data use either or both:

    Data Rescue II: http://www.prosoftengineering.com/products/data_rescue.php

    Boomerang: http://www.boomdrs.com/

    Both are great, but results will vary from time to time. Despite what people tell you, both are excellent, but one will fail miserably under certain circumstances and the other will shine. It's a crap shoot. Both are very good.

    I hope this helps