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I purchased the ipod touch last September and it worked fine on my IBM thinkpad laptop, then i moved the My Music File onto a Freecom 250gig mobile storage drive and everthing was ok. I recently downloaded the latest itunes and itunes failed to recognise the Ipod touch, Saying that "An Iphone has been detected but cannot be identified properly.Please disconnect then reconnect and try again" so i reset the settings on the ipod and it synched perfectly and it updated the latest ipod software,but then after i disconnected it then tried to re-connect the same message came up again, I have uninstalled then re-installed itunes and have even reset the settings on the ipod and still nothing. The last thing i tried was to do a restore on the ipod and when it powered up it connected to itunes and i did what it said on the screen to re-install the software but again as soon as the restore had finished it failed to recognise the ipod and now all i get when i turn the ipod on is a itunes symbol and a cable symbol as if it is asking me to connect the cable to itunes but as it doesn't recognise the ipod i can get no further.

Sorry for the lengthy message but best to get the facts down first

Can someone please help i have been at this for about three days and still no Joy

IBM Thinkpad, Windows XP Pro
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    I have close to the same problem. I am going crazy trying everything I have read on these threads for the last month. My iPod touch has been freezing itunes when I plug it in. If itunes doesn't freeze the ipod in turn is not recognised. I've reinstalled itunes, done the AppleDevice start stop restart and even tried removing it which for some reason it wouldn't let me do. My question to you is how old is your IBM thinkpad. Mine is about 5 years old and has USB 1.1. I have a PC card inserted with 2 USB 2.0 ports in it and my other USB 2.0 devices such as Lacie hard drive etc work fast and fine. I managed to register my iPod touch once long enough to put in my account info. It would not sync to my itunes folder at all and ever since registering Itunes does not recognise it.

    I think I have had every problem in the whole itouch forum including it being suddenly recognised as a camera. I sorted this by reloading the driver. My ipod Touch can wirelessly surf the net and I can even download songs from the Itunes store on my account but take it anywhere near my laptop and it freaks out.

    HELP before I kill the cat or something close by.