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I installed the latest firmware, version 1.1, on my 80 gig iPod Classic last night and the main reason I purchased an iPod no longer works because of it.

I have a Pioneer DEH-P7900BT car radio with an iPod cable. Before update I could connect my iPod and it worked perfectly. After the update it now does nothing nada zip..... Won't play on the car radio all I get is "iPod Ready" on the screen.

Can anyone point out the last firmware 1.0.3. How I can get it and install it back on to my iPod. I'm rather upset that Apple broke this feature. I just installed that radio this week.

Mark Roberts

24" iMac, 80 Gig iPod Classic, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    GLNHP sovled my problem in another thread. Thank you so much if you read this.

    To downgrade from current version:

    1. Open in finder <yourname>/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates/
    2. Remove the .ipsw and .ipsw.signature for the version you are wanting to drop, in this case, 1.1.
    3. Open iTunes and in Preferences uncheck automatic check for updates.
    4. Connect iPod and select restore. It will ask you if you want to check for newer update. Select no. All files will be removed and it will have to resync the entire library but it worked. I'm back to 1.0.3.