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antibush Level 1 Level 1
How do I export my music library from window media player to itunes so I can sync with iphone,or is there a way to sync windows media player directly with iphone??

Gateway gm5420, Windows Vista
  • dragon_master Level 1 Level 1
    No - you have to sync your iPhone though iTunes, just add all your music to your iTunes libary and sync from there.
  • Mike Kelley Level 7 Level 7
    Welcome to the forums.

    You will need to use iTunes to sync your phone. After you install iTunes you point it to where your music library is and assuming it is in a format iTunes can understand it will be transferred and you can then transfer it to your iPhone.

    If there are songs with DRM in WMP you may or may not be able to transfer these -- depending on where you bought them some songs cannot be converted to work on the iPhone. But all MP3s should be fine.
  • ibisguy Level 1 Level 1
    ""is there a way to sync windows media player directly with iphone??""

    Might be easier to solve the Middle East Crisis.

  • TuNeZ Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry, there's no way to sync iPhone directly from windows media player because the iPhone must be synced through iTunes