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    I forgot to mention that seem disconnection appears sometimes if another router (for example neighbourly) become on and online. I do not understand why MBP always try to search another networks if I need to connect to only one mentioned in settings? And there is no option to switch this off. May be in some plist?

  • William Kucharski Level 6 Level 6 (14,890 points)

    AlekseyK wrote:


    I forgot to mention that seem disconnection appears sometimes if another router (for example neighbourly) become on and online. I do not understand why MBP always try to search another networks if I need to connect to only one mentioned in settings? And there is no option to switch this off. May be in some plist?


    It doesn't search unless you click on the Wi-Fi icon.

  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Sort of the core of the issue, my MPB runs perfectly everywhere else but in my apartment. I have never experienced any problems. Though I can get it to run perfectly at home, but only for a limited time without redoing a lot of things. Given an extended use in another location with multiple connected machines over WiFi the problem might arise elswhere, though I have not had the abillity to try this since I am unwilling to move to a new location for 1-2 months.


    So, the AirPort and WiFi card works, the router works perfectly (since all the other clients work; PS3, iPhone, VAIO etc.) And when they agree with eachother, the MBP - DIR-655 combination works like a charm, just to fall of the map one day without any warning. In my mind, this seems like a software based issue on the MBP side.

  • AlekseyK Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    gusgrave wrote:


    the MBP - DIR-655 combination works like a charm


    What is it?

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    DIR 655 is a D-Link router I see, very similar (or perhaps the same after all?) to the one I connected to last weekend.


    I am not totally convinced yet that it is (only) the software. Here is a recently started discussion with an Imac upgraded to Lion with similar problems.


    I upgraded to my new MBP to Lion this weekend as well, though I was having issues with my Sweex router before upgrading too. I do admit that upgrading to Lion made it somehow worse at my home.


    The D-Link router I connected to worked like a charm too with Lion last weekend.

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    I just do not see how hardware incompatibility could result in anything than a non-functioning connection. Since the behaviour of these problems are so inconsistent I just find it more likely that it is some error with the handeling of data/communication/permissions or something elso on the mac-side. Given the number of complaints regarding to this behaviour I have found around the net, it seems unlikely that apple would have so many computers experienceing the exact same hardware malfunciton.


    My co-worker has the same router as me at home, he was running leopard (10.5) and just recently upgraded to snowleopard (10.6) and he has not yet experienced problems similar to these. In principal, this could mean that I have a hardware problem, but why does my MBP work perfectly on every other WiFi I have ever connected to?


    The two major issues I could se in my logs that would defenetly cause dropping the WiFi is a wrongly configured 802.11 country code and problems accesing the password in keychain (among numerous others). I dont se how creating a new network location would (even temporarily) solve this issues unless they are the effect of a software issue.


    At first I was a bit puzzled by the fact that most complaints were made by MB and MBP users, but I figured it just stands to reason since most users of "stationary" computers would most likely use the ehternet cable instead of WiFi, another reason I don't think this is hardware problems!


    Best regards and hoping for a solution

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    Changing settings shouldn't matter indeed with the number of users having this problem. Apple support desk tries these options, since they have no other solution/options yet (besides: try another router, bring your MBP to the repairdesk)


    I have looked for product sheets of a couple of routers to see whether I could find any 'might be useful' differences. I am not sure about the router I used this weekend. I'll ask and come back if I found out.


    ConfigSweex LW055D-Link DIR-655Airport Express
    Data transfer54Mbps10/100/1000 mbps 10/100 mbps
    StandardsIEEE 802.11b/g IEEE 802.11 g/nIEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n



    More are specs on the routers are to be found here:

    Sweex LW-055

    D-Link DIR-655

    Airport Express


    The major difference I quickly see are the antenna's and the standaards. I borrowed an Airport Express (2008) and I'll try it tonight and see what happens. What I want to find out is whether the standards have something to do with it (as well).

    On Wiki I noticed that the IEEE 802.11 b & g standards are (getting) old. Maybe they removed some standards in Lion? Only guessing of course, but it can't hurt to take a shot. It would not explain the wifi droppings with Snow Leopard.


    If someone notice other 'usefull' differences, please share it. Same goes for product specs of other routers which you have problems with. So far, it seems that (some?) D-Link gigabit routers do work.



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    i downloaded a widget called Wireless Grapher which im using in Dashboard, it shows me heavy noise interference each time im disconnected. what this means i dont know, is there interference with other networks or other devices that causes the noise interference? My ipod and old macbook does also have these interferences but are still able to stay online. Could it be something with the steel in MPB?

  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I remember reading something in the pile of issues regarding the connection issues. Someone had used an ethernet port on a DIR-655 router to connect an Airport Express and have had some luck with the connection. I do not have access to an airport express router, though of this could be a solution to the problems I'm facing, then I'd be a happy camper, and I guess admit that there is probably something more than software issues on the Mac side responsible.


    I guess noice/disturbance could be a cause since some users do not experience these issues while many of us do. It would atleast seem more reasonable, though then it seems strange that a new location seems to stabalize the connection, eventhough only temporarily!

  • AlekseyK Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think this is useless work as people have this problem even with Apple routers.


    Guys, why we continue this discussion? Are you plan to learn MBP and other Apple products better then Apple?

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  • Geoff@Amsterdam Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Not really


    I get easily frustrated I guess.

    The reason for continuing is to try and find out what is going on. So far, I heard very little from Apple concerning this issue. I have not seen an official Apple spokesman in this thread, nor have I heard anything from them. The reasons leaves me guessing (I assume I am not the only one). Anyway, the wireless issue is so far the only serious one I have encountered. Though it is a serious issue, further my MBP works like a charm.

    I already changed my MBP and I would feel even more cheated when I would change it for any laptop with Windows on it. Though you might expect a fault proof product considering the fact a Mac product easily cost a fortune.


    Bringing it back is not an option and I know I am falling into the trap of making the wireless problem my problem. How long can we wait for Apple to acknowledge the problem and come up with a solution. You know when they will release the next update/patch? Do you know what will be updated/fixed? I don't know the answer to both questions. One thing I do know is that connecting the ethernet cable directly won't do it for me. So, on with the show.


    I disconnected my Sweex router and replaced it with the Airport Express. I have installed the Airport Express (2008) I mentioned earlier today. I did a hard reset and reconfigure it completely using Airport Utility on Lion. The connection was easily found and auto configured in my Wi-Fi settings.

    I did some browsing founding no dropping issues. After 15 minutes I turned off my MBP and turned in on 10 minutes later on another location in my house. No problems with the connection. Downloaded some stuff, so far no issues. I now have it turned on for over an hour having done various things online, still not noticed any problems so far.


    My conclusion so far is that Airport Express (2008 version) works very well with Lion. I am not sure what they have done within Lion and I wonder whether the wireless problems have anything to do with certain (older/weak?) routers. As for people already using Airport Express having the same wireless problems, I don't know why it is working for me (so far). I have done a hard reset (change the settings back to the standard factory settings) and reconfig it. You can try it?


    As for using the Airport Express as an extention for your current router, I had it as well. Lion was not able to find the Airport Express for a wireless connection, though I could use it for playing wireless music through my audio equipment.


    Maybe other people with the same problems could mention which router they use? An inventory of problem routers might give some ideas to find the root cause.



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    After trying many different things I got a new router and now have no issues.  Was using a Netgear router before at a friends and had issues.  Now using a Belkin and no problems.


    Having issues, try a different router.



  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Which leaves me with even more questions, I have used my MBP with two different Netgear routers without issues, yet you have had problems. Many have pointed fingers at D-Link as being a "problem" in connetion with macs in general, though I have read and talked to people using D-Links (even the same router as me) who have not experienced any problems (yet). The inconistency of the problems is frustrating!

  • Geoff@Amsterdam Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That's why we need to have more information than just knowing whether it is a Netgear, Belkin, D-Link, Sweex or whatever brand name of routers. A MBP is not the same as an MBA or Imac and MBP 2011 differs from MBP 2010, MBP 2009 and so on. Both Netgear and Belkin make more than just one type of router, maybe one Netgear fails, while another Netgear might work.


    So which configuration do you have?

    Example of useful information:


    Configuration with WIFI connection drops:

    Apple product: MBP 2011 - 13inch - default configuration (shop)

    OS version tested: Snow Leopard 10.6.7 and Lion

    Router: Sweex LW-055 (include link to product information if you can find it)


    Succesful configuration:

    Apple product: MBP 2011 - 13inch - default configuration (shop)

    OS version tested: Lion

    Router: Airport Express 2008

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