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  • memos Level 1 Level 1

    So, after a million years, is there a fix for this issue or not. Nobody seems to be able to answer to this plain question! It's 2012, if a fix for something as simple, yet, as vital as a wifi connectivity issue cannot be adressed and mended, then I have no words!

  • Dramradhel Level 1 Level 1

    Third attempt to fix:


    My previous endeavors all failed, which led me to try something new. I installed an app alled "little snitch" to see exactly what was sucking down my bandwidth. Lo and behold it was photo stream eating it all up. After disabling photo stream uploads everything now works great.


    This helps explain why when I uninstalled iPhoto, that things worked for a short time.


    It's been a week and everything works.


    ...until something else comes along.

  • memos Level 1 Level 1

    newly reformatted mac. nothing on it but the mere OS yet I only get 30-second internet connections...

  • greenkie Level 1 Level 1

    Bought the latest airport extreme in Feb 2012 to temporarily stave off MBP connection issues while working on my thesis. It helped for a little while, but now I have connectivity issues every time I turn on the computer and modem+airport. Airport Extreme utility tells me to switch to bridge mode for my cable modem connection, but the Applecare guy I talked to told me bridge mode "was the problem." If you read the description of bridge mode in the utility, it does seem like I should not be using it, but it's the only thing that the utility considers to be a vaild fix. Until the next time I go online, anyways.

  • ipod touch 4g Level 1 Level 1

    Could the issue be due to the Mac OSX Firewall conflicting with something like trying to block a certain connection that is vital to the Mac to maintain connection?

  • idon'tknowXYZ Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 2009 MBP OS 10.6.8 and not able to connect to my Airport Express network. My network does not appear under the airport menu, but other nearby networks do. After toggling on/off with the airport menu and waiting several minutes, my AP network sometimes appears but with very weak signal, even though I site my MBP right next to or over the Airport Express. After about an hour it connects up and works fine. Problem for 2 years, now worse than ever. 


    I have tried all sorts of 'fixes' but no improvement - direct ethernet connection, playing around with settings on network utilities/airport utility/network preferences, software updates.


    (absolutely hating Mac for all the lost time....)


    Can you please help me? 

  • memos Level 1 Level 1

    I just formatted my 2006 MBP and installed Leopard, hoping to be able to upgrade to Snow Leopard, if I ever get an internet connection. The thing is, while I was configuring the computer right after the installation, it would connect and let me log in to my account and it found all my info from my account, but once the setup was done and the OS launched the connection is nowhere to be found.


    Really this is so frustrating, since -I repeat- it's a thing as simple as the darned wifi connection! fix it! find a fix apple!

  • ekremers Level 1 Level 1

    I have been dealing with this issue for a long time now (see my previous posts), and, I am 99% sure that this is a hardware problem that is deeply rooted in some mac(book)s. I don't think it's dependant on the versions because there are people with all kinds of versions and configurations who are dealing with this.



    - I have tried all the software fixes/hacks/workarounds found in this topic and on the internet, some worked for a day or so, problem always returned


    - I was using OSX 10.7, but sometime in december my hard drive failed and i received a completely new hard drive with a fresh install of OSX10.6, i did not do any restores. Problem returned


    - Took it to apple genius who did a check of my software, no problems found: Conclusion, it couldn't be the software...


    - Took it to apple service center 4-5 times, almost all the inside hardware of the laptop was replaced. Problem always returned

    *Note: No service center or genius was ever able to reproduce the problem: it seemed to work well on their networks and pass all the tests...


    - Since the service center had done everything they could, apple saw no other solution than to send me a new mbp (different model: late 2011 instead of early 2011) - PROBLEM SOLVED. I did a time machine restore so my install is now IDENTICAL to the install on the problematic mpb. Wifi is working perfectly. So I am 99% sure this is hardware related (I don't want to be premature as I have only used this new mbp for 1 day). I will post again if it turns out the problem returns...


    For now, I thank Apple for taking my problem seriously. I must say their service is pretty good. So, my suggestion to anyone dealing with this problem: contact apple asap, especially if you are still under warranty, and get them to fix this. Like me, it may take a couple of trips to the service center and at times Apple will tell you they can't help you any further, but just be persistent and don't take no for an answer... They will take you seriously.

  • PK Tjo o Tjim Level 1 Level 1

    On my mac, I noticed (running KisMac) that my wifi router was switching channels, even though its configuration indicated it would only pick a channel on boot.  I simply changed it to a fixed channel and all my problems went away. 

  • idon'tknowXYZ Level 1 Level 1

    I dumped my 2008 Airport Express for a new Airport Extreme, and problem solved! Full, virtually instant 5-bar connection every time.


    The Mac retailer I spoke to said that if one has an older Airport Express hooked up to a newer modem/router, the performance suffers. My connection was getting chronically bad, but with this new Airport Extreme all is working beautifully and perfectly.

  • jamied1901 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi PK Tjo o Tjim - how do you change to a fixed channel?



  • remoran Level 1 Level 1

    The only way I could solve this was to buy a 50' ethernet cable and connect it to the router. The system works away from the house using outside WiFi but not in the house where I do my business. Without question, this is a real problem with connectivity, something Apple has to fix or business will be lost. Forutunately, my iPad works without a problem, which means it escaped the dreaded wireless connect problem my MBP has in spades.

  • Littlerhody Level 1 Level 1


    After reading what another guy suggested I want to share with you what seems to work for me. for the most part 95% of the issue is resolved and it has been over 24 hours. I was ready to switch back to PC and give up my Mac because of this hair pulling connectivity problem until I decided to try another guys suggestion.


    I am using a wireless Motorola surfboard modem. I connected the network cable from my modem into the Macbook and went to IP address on my modems instructions, to login to my modem. You can also try to login using your wireless  instead of using the cable. Once logged in I click the far right tab at the top of marked wireless. My unit was set to Auto, that was the issue. I have 7 strong wifi units conflicting with mine. I tried each channel one at a time for as long as I could until I discovered a confict, then I would try the next channel and surf the web for a while, I ended up trying about 7 channels until I got the issue pretty much resolved.


    I have been plagued by this wireless issue since I moved into a bigger multi until apartment complex and was feeling you alls pain believe me. I work from my mac 16 hours a day so talk about tears.


    No matter what kind of wireless modem you have, try changing the channels.  I won't monitor this post for questions but if you visit superaffiliatehero you can send a an emai through the contact form to reach me.

  • Littlerhody Level 1 Level 1

    Read my post two down from yours

  • ajrmab Level 1 Level 1


    I am about to pull my hair out, too. But I don't have the sophistication that you do using computers. Here's what happens. We had Geeksquad set up our computer and printer and wifi. We asked for a network that could be a "closed" network with a password. done. Then over the course of several weeks the wi-fi defaults to an open network that I don't want to use. It is incredibly frustrating. Add to this.. the system says it cannot find the network we created, but we see it in the 'advanced' settings. HELP!!!! Can someone take me step by step how to resolve this problem/ oh, and by the way, my printer is now disconnected too and I cannot print... I appreciate any help.. we are using a mabook pro...

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