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  • David Ewing1 Level 1 Level 1

    Just bought a 2011 MBP and had the dropped wireless issue with my home network too. Question for all the folks complaining and posting about their router settings: When you go to a public network like a coffee house, can you connect? In my case, the answer was yes, so the problem pointed away from the computer and toward my own network. I had been meaning to change my router security from the older WEP to WPA. When I did, it solved the problem.

  • PerfWorks Level 1 Level 1

    Take it back to the store. Don't mess around. It is a known hardware issue.

  • stage4survivor Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I have another appt at the genius bar today, it works fine for a day then disconnects from my home network.


    I have little confidence they'll fix this issue after replacing the LB twice and the airport card. Even if they offer to replace the entire system, it's the last series that had user replaceable batteries. This came in very handy when on the road.


    I honestly don't understand why Apple hasn't nailed down a fix if this continues over many generations of MBPs

  • stage4survivor Level 1 Level 1

    This is really getting annoying. They're going to run a long term test BUT, the "genius" suggested I get a new router DESPITE the fact there are no issues with 2 Imacs, 2 other MBPs and an Ipad in my home.


    OK, I'm gonna get a new router, if this doesn't resolve the issue I'll speak to the store manager.


    3 years, no problems, goes to the depot and comes back worse. They won't like the anonymous review they just requested I complete on my recent service.

  • laurenmay1 Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Stage 4:


    Please do not bother with the router.  Do not spend another penny.  Do not spend another minute of your time. Call corporate, ask for customer relations, and demand a new MBP.  They will give you one.


    Explain your history, that you're a loyal Mac user.  Tell them the products you own, when you bought them, and a short history.  Tell them that it's cost you time/money.  Be nice but ABSOLUTELY firm.  Everyone on this discussion board should do the same thing.  It's inexcusable on their part, and unbearable on ours.


    A problem this big, and this bad is certainly known.  They are replacing the machines for people who are loud enough (squeeky wheels), and hoping the rest will go away.  This is the cheapest way for them - a 'business strategy'.  Sickening.

  • stage4survivor Level 1 Level 1

    Called the store to get corporate #, after waiting spoke to one of the managers. He gave me the number and asked if he could help, he checked the history and said why don't you come back and pick up a new one?


    Typing on it now, 2.3ghz 15" base config


    Now I have to decide if wife gets this or the late 2011 2.5ghz 15" A/G


    It took awhile but, Apple supports their customers and products to my complete satisfaction!


    Thanks for the advice

  • laurenmay1 Level 1 Level 1

    HOORAY ! 


    (I got mine replaced too.)

  • Slawesome Level 1 Level 1

    It's pretty obvious this is yet another problem apple would rather sweep under the rug, just like the display issues on the ibooks and the power supply issues on the iMac G5s (of which, i have owned both).  Consider apple care a temporary fix that will not last the life of your computer.  Apple will probably not fix this issue because its hardware related I am guessing.


    I have a macbook 2ghz core duo that i bought in 2006.  It never had this problem until i bought a mac mini recently (in the last 3 months).  When i bought the mini two things changed, i took my macbook out of its nearly semi permanent sitting place on my desk and i brought OS lion into the house.


    My macbook cant run lion, so if lion is the cause of the problem my mac mini would have to be instigating it through my router.  Which is possible i suppose (mac mini wifi works fine). But just purely on a gut level i kind of think this is an issue related to hardware sleep functions and battery management.  But i dont really have anything to back that up other than my macbooks wifi behavior which is seriously dependent on the battery and charger connection.  


    Apple is fully on board with making our computers as obsolete as possible as fast as evidenced by the fact that you cant run lion on any semi-old computer, they permanently install batteries in the laptops now, and a bunch of other stuff that i am too lazy list.  I am sure their plan with this problem is to wait it out until we start ******* after the next generation of computers they have waiting for us.

  • ipod touch 4g Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Just 2 mins ago my MBP Late 2011 started dropping my wifi connection, my router is an airport express.

    I had the channel set to automatic but after the drop outs i quickly changed it to channel 2, so far so good. I think a new wifi network just started up and was on channel 1 which was the same channel as my router was on, hopefully thats it and there will be no more problems.

  • KathiAndMaciek Level 1 Level 1

    PLEASE READ THIS! I just want to help you

    I wasss so frustrated so i know what you feel!

    We have macbook pro 17 inch and old macbook air.

    At home we had the same problem. We have CISCO router, but i connected other router (BELKIN) where i was able to change WPA2 PERSONAL (security) to WPA PERSONAL and it works perfect!

    Sooo please try to change WPA2 to WPA and say good bye to your problems!!! I am not an expert but for BELKIN router you can change it like this:

    Put this in your broswer:

    so you can get the acces to belkin router settings.

    Go to security tab, and change "Authentication" from WPA2-PSK to WPA-PSK.

    If you have diferent router try google: "routerName WPA" or something like that.









  • laurenmay1 Level 1 Level 1

    Dear KathiAndMaciek:


    With all due respect, yours is not the solution.  Hundreds can attest to trying this and everything else.  It may work for a while, then stops working.  I hope yours is the exception.


    After over a year, and hundreds of hours of frustration, lost time, lost income, etc., I demanded a new MBP - and got one the same day.  My biggest regrret:  I didn't act sooner.


    Best - LMAY

  • KathiAndMaciek Level 1 Level 1

    have you try this? pls try first. I did not see this solution before.

  • choddo Level 1 Level 1

    The problem is, even if that does work, WPA is weak compared to WPA2 so you're leaving yourself vulnerable to someone breaking into your wifi network.

  • ekremers Level 1 Level 1

    Plus, the main problem with these solutions on the router-side is that the MBP should work anywhere on any Wifi router, like any (cheaper) windows laptop does. Laurenmay is right, demand a new MBP from apple. (I did too, and finally the problems are gone)

  • Slawesome Level 1 Level 1

    At this point i am pretty sure Lion (and now mountain lion) is the least for me.   I simply did not have any problems prior to having a computer with lion installed on my network.  Now that i do have a lion computer on my network, if i turn off the wi-fi on the lion computer all the problems i was having with my macbook (with os 10.6 installed..snow leopard) go away.  Its that simple.  Somehow, my mac mini with lion is jacking up my perfectly fine snow leopard macbook.


    So, as rediculous as this sounds i am going turn off wi-fi on my mini anytime we really want to use the laptop wi-fi.  By the way there is a ton of stuff on my network: a mac mini, a macbook, two iphones, an ipad, a PS3 and an HP wireless printer.  Everything works fine except for the macbook, post introduction of lion installed - mac mini.


    This wont solve any problems for those folks with just one mac that simply isnt working.  That would drive me nuts.


    PS:  pretty sure a couple years from now, we are going to refer to lion as the "vista" of mac.  ...i bet i am not the first person to say that.