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  • laurenmay1 Level 1 Level 1

    Dear John -


    If that were the fix:


    1)  the Apple Care center would have directed all of us to do this


    2)  the Genius Bar would have done it, or advised us to do it


    3)  Apple Customer Service wouldn't so readily give us new macbooks





    (ps:  but I am happy if it works for you !  I highly doubt it will 'stick'.)

  • x2far Level 1 Level 1

    John... how is this done? I think my update to 10.7.4 caused my loss of connection so I would like to replace that krrnal.

  • ericfromyelm Level 1 Level 1

    An update on the Wifi issue,


    My macbook pro have been in the repair shop for the last ten days. First they tried to say it was a sotfware issue, but when it also doesn't recognize the wifi hardware on factory restored  os and  arguing a little, they finally agreed the problem was more then just a software issue.


    After 4 days of diagnostic they found the airport card was faulty and replaced it. Left me with out a computer for 10days. I picked up my laptop, made sure it worked at the store before leaving then closed the screen and when to my university. When I reopened it at the university 5 min later. The original problem was back.


    I took it back, another 3 days of waiting for a diagnostic and now they say the fault might be caused from a little wire that they just replaced. I'll be picking it up later and will let you know what happens. Hopefully it'll work.


    Almost everyone I know who owns a Macpro have this problem. One of my friends just purchases a brand new one and they are already having some of the same wifi issues that I've been having. I told them to just return the piece of crap and get a pc instead. (A laptop without wifi is only as good as a car with out wheels)


    Does anyone know where I can get stickers that says "do not buy this piece of s**t " that I can stick on my MBP to help prevent future buyers from getting screwed? :-)  I think Apple needs to take some responsibility and respond this issue. And, I wish I can get compensated for all the lost time wasted just trying to make this laptop work.

  • Martin Sons Level 1 Level 1

    I've posted this before, but yet nobody sees to pay attention to it, so here it goes again:








    When I'm at home on my own wifi network, my MBP continuously drops. I've noticed it drops the moment I move the machine by less then a millimetre. It DOES NOT do that on other wifi networks. I'm currently in West Africa in a hotel, and once again for the last 12 days, the MBP HAS NOT dropped the wifi once.



    I fly for a living and get the displeasure of staying in a lot of hotels, in not one of them does the wifi drop on the machine, except AT HOME, therefor I don't think it's a hardware problem.



    Unless I'm the only one experiencing this problem, I sincerely apologise by stating that nobody is paying attention.

  • ekremers Level 1 Level 1

    Hello Martin,


    This sounds like a problem specific to your home network. Of course, not all MBPs have a faulty WiFi, the one I have now also maintains a perfect connection almost everywhere. I guess you are also one of the lucky ones.


    The MBPs that do have this issue have problems on many networks. I can assure you this is not a software problem and there is no simple hardware fix that I or Apple knows of. I have tried many versions of OSX, all the bugfixes in this topic, replacement of hardware (including the entire logicboard). So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, get your MBP replaced if you have this problem!!! ericfromyelm, don't back down, if it doesn't work after they have replaced this wire (lol) just take it back to the store again!

  • JohnPan Level 1 Level 1

    1. Download and unzip de IO80211Family.kext (v4.1.2 – OS X 10.7.3)


    2. Download the free application Kext Drop and put this on your desktop.


    3. Disable Wi-Fi


    4. Open Finder and go to:



    5. Find the following file: IO80211Family.kext and make a backup of it. Delete the original file (this requires admin authorisation).


    6. Start the Kext Drop application and drag the downloaded IO80211Family.kext in to the Kext Drop window. In the Kext Drop window will appear ‘IO80211Family.kext Version 412.2’. Click on the ‘Install’ button to install the kernel extension.


    7. Restart your Mac en enable Wi-Fi.


    Let  me know if it worked for you.





  • Littlerhody Level 1 Level 1

    After pulling my hair out and blaming my Macbook for a year because my modem was brand new and I own it,  I decided to stop by the local Comcast office to pick up a rented modem to see if it could possible be that my new wireless motorola surfboard is bad. Sure enough it was my modem. Comcast offers a 30 days money back guarantee so you can rent a modem from them and use it to see if your current modem is causing the problem. Return the modem to Comcast withing 30 days and there is no charge.


    I just ordered a

           Motorola SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem in New Official Manufacturer Brown Box (Environmentally Safe) - Non-Retail Box, 100% New and Complete SB-6121 and       D-Link DIR-655 Extreme-N Gigabit Wireless Router from Amazon

    from Amazon for $141 for both and for $26 I added a 3 year Squaretrade Warranty to both units. Unfortunately Motorola only has a year warranty and mine passed because I did not believe it could be a new modem causing the problem. This modem was a problem from day 1 and I blamed everything but the modem.


    Check your modem!!!

  • ericfromyelm Level 1 Level 1

    The Apple repair shop replaced the wire and it's been working solidely since. If you have a similar problem and can't find the fix, I recomend to take your MBP to the repair shop.


    The signs for me that it wasn't a software issue is that:


    I losted my connection everywhere. ie. every routers. and no patterns or when it would drop

    The WIFI also droped on bootcamp

    When I lost the connection, I couldn't locate any of the wifi icons, settings or options. With the exception of a blank wifi triangle at the top, but even this sometimes disapeared.

    The connection doctor would get stuck in a continious loop

    On bootcamp, once the connection dropped, the only network connection avaible was LAN or bluetooth.

    When running the hardware check CD, it returned no errors or hardware faults.


    I want to thank everyone on this forum that have tried to help me and others to solve this frustrating issue. I think that it's probably a problem in the construction and engineering of the MBP that causes all these issues.  Cheers everyone.

  • StickySadness Level 1 Level 1

    I've been having this issue too, Apple wants to play the back and forth game which is a problem since I produce and dj.



    I just discovered tonight that when the laptop is more opened up, like at an obtuse angle, it stays connected. I can even pick it up and move it.




  • ekremers Level 1 Level 1

    If this really fixes your wifi permanently, then maybe you have finally found the cause of this annoying problem. I'm curious which wire they replaced? Maybe other users can go to an apple service center and try this as well?

  • amandepp Level 1 Level 1

    I have been reading all the comments since last year and nothing has helped. When the connection drops, running the Network Diagnostics shows ISP (red) and "failed" next to it. Completing this proecss or turning airport on and off resolves it for 10-15 mins.


    Airport, airport settings and network settings - Green

    ISP, internet and server - Orange and then Red.


    May be it's 802.11 or just some authentication bs.

    I have replaced modems, deleted config files, deleted keychain enteries, reinstalled OS, etc as per all the instructions here and on other forums.



    My MBP is out of warranty, so I am losing faith that this issue can be resolved.



    Old issue

  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1

    I said it before: I feel like we've started going in circles here.


    I keep checking this forum becaus I find it somewhat ammusing. But it is time to face facts, there is no universal fix or solution to this problem because we are all experienceing different issues.


    Since the last post where I stated that I had solved the issue for myself my WiFi has been working flawlessly. I did a complete flush of the WiFi, PRAM, stored passwords and ALL, then made a new location for my "home" network and ONLY use this location at home. Not a problem in the world, use this location anywhere else and presto, no more WiFi. This is a software bug, clean and simple. My MBP gets it geografic location messed up, this leads to some confusion in the communication with my router, the endrpoduct is no connection. I have to re-flush everything and start over.


    This solution IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, but it has been working for me for a long, LOOONG time. For those of you who change settings on the router and solve the issue, this might be software conflict OR, disturbance from close by networks. For those of you who were lucky to get a new MBP and it works, well, for you I would guess that it is a hardware issue. Thou you cannot rule out software, since some people install sotware that, even after uninstall, will disrupt the WiFi. I rememer a discussion in which peerguardian had left the IP filter file intact and in action even after uninstall! Getting a fresh MBP = format and reinstall, would solve an issue like this AS WELL AS hardware issues.


    If we are to be able to help eachother out, we need to be MUCH more specific regarding the exact issue we are experienceing and the measures we have taken in efforts to solve the issue.

  • x2far Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks John.


    I seem to have a fix now.


    I took my MBP down to the nearest service center and they found that creating another user account solved the problem.


    Of course, this is not a complete solution because when I switch user account by logging off and selecting my old account the WIFI refuses to work. Then when I switch back to the new user account the WIFI doesn't work there either!!


    I actually have to shut down and restart in the new user account to reset it.


    God knows why.

  • ekremers Level 1 Level 1

    You're right, this discussion is going in circles, partly because after 4 ( ! ) years Apple has not participated in the discussion or even acknowledged the issue or come up with a proper solution. For my next laptop I am not even considering Apple anymore, knowing that I may have to go through all this again to get something as simple as a wireless connection.

  • laurenmay1 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm with you, ekremers.


    I got mine replaced very quickly - once it 'dawned' on me to stop hasseling with AppleCare, the Genius Bar, and ATT (and ATT spent $thousands trying to fix - even retrenching my street ! - when it was Apple's problem all along!)   But it dawned on me after about a year of suffering, so I'm still smarting from the aggravation, time wasted and home business losses I experienced.  


    As delightful as a functional MacBook Pro is, it's simply not worth it.